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Letter to the Editor: Let us organize a massive protest …

LettersLetter to the Editor: Let us organize a massive protest …

Dear Editor,

Fellow Belizeans you are aware that the present political system of one party rule is against our national interest. It has left the Belizean people with only two alternatives – unconditional submission to the tyranny of an iron fisted Prime Minister with absolute power, or a decision to resist to establish freedom and equality to all Belizeans in all manner and form in the near future next general elections.

Belizeans, the Guatemalan claim and threat will never end unless the political directorate commences to behave and act in all respects as a sovereign nation at home on the western border, the southern border at the Sarstoon, and on the world stage.

The prohibiting act of April 29, 2016. made in a haste by the UDP Government against industrious and patriotic peaceful Belizeans to use and move freely in the Sarstoon, guaranteed by our constitution, is an abominable and treacherous, illegal act against the well-defined and permanent laws of our Constitution.

The BTV are without the shadow of any doubt believers that our Belizean Constitution guarantees our individual and collective liberty of movement over all Belize’s national territory, unimpeded, as is our sacred right as a free people.

The UDP government’s recent attempts to infringe on their rights further proves the dangerous corruption infecting this UDP government, and evidence of a threatening conspiracy against our liberties.

Both the BTV and NTV have demonstrated, against all risk, their patriotic love and loyalty to Belize on their past excursions in the Sarstoon.

Belizeans, we must not allow this Government to destroy our constitutional rights and freedom. We regret and seriously condemn this undemocratic behavior of the Government. We must stand united against the aggressors both at home and abroad.

Let us organize a massive protest and initiate a referendum for the resignation of this Government now. We must stand firmly against treason and aggression. We must not permit our Belize to be cut in half and be handed to Guatemala by traitors. Now for Belize, and forever for Belize.


Sabino Canul

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