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Shyne reps Belize at 2022 BET Awards

In a special tribute to his former...

Pallotti High School mistreating students

LettersPallotti High School mistreating students

Dear Editor,

Pallotti High School is mistreating its students. Students are being given detention for being late, even if it is only by one minute. The school has not given consideration in excusing its students for being late even due to the current traffic situations facing the city and coming into the city, due to the infrastructural works being done in paving the streets.

Students have gone on suspension just for the demerits given for late arrivals that add up to several detentions. One would think that the school would understand the situation with the traffic during this time. Also, when the students work their detention, they are being given hard manual work that is not befitting of young ladies. You would think by the large number of students being given detention for being late, that they would recognize the fact that it is because of what’s going on right now.


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