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From Paul to Nuri

Dear Nuri,

A proposal for the GRANDEST ALLIANCE EVER.

Sorry I missed meeting Minister Farrakhan in person, but I watched his three main speeches on television. He was magnificent! I am now convinced that what needs to be done is for the three great monotheistic religions to unite to combat radical secularism, radical individualism, radical subjectivism and radical sexualism.

Almighty God promised Abraham that he would have children as numerous as the stars. Has not that prophecy been fulfilled? Jews, Christians and Muslims number about 4 billion. That’s more than half of the world’s population. But, we must increase our cooperation to combat the real evils of this world.
The first step is for all Jews, Christians and Muslims to increase our awareness that we are all children of the same father – Almighty God or Allah, or Yahweh! There is no other God but Him! Not money! Nor race! Not religiosity! Not sex!

We have allowed ourselves to hate one another because of differences in doctrines and beliefs. How curious that we have all been ignoring the very core of the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohamed. The greatest commandment is Love! of God and of my neighbor! Like Gandhi, we must remind ourselves daily that we are all children of God, the merciful, God, the greatest good!

Indeed, our different interpretations of the true meaning of freedom may be a stumbling block, which we must hurdle. But we must recall that love is PATIENT. Therefore, I cannot punish or kill my brother, or sister, because they don’t agree with me in some details.

The common patriarch of Jews, Christians and Muslims is Abraham, the father of a tiny nation. May it not be that Almighty God in His loving providence has ordained that the leader of the greatest unity movement in history be little Belize? In worldly terms of material power we are insignificant; but if we renounce hate, bigotry and racism, and rise to a glorious expression of the truth that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, what may we not accomplish? This conviction emanated from the very core of Farrakhan’s message.

I do not know how we will proceed to reach the goal of unity, but I am positive that to resolve to make a start NOW, will be the beginning of the greatest crusade ever. If all Jews, Christians and Muslims would set our minds to work for the COMMON GOOD, we would make real the GRANDEST ALLIANCE EVER!

Paul Rodriguez

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