Letters — 14 June 2013 — by Hakeem Bush

Dear Editor:

In 2008 when the Barrow administration came into power I thought this administration would solve Belize’s problems and make us proud. But after listening to the PM at the press conference on Wednesday I am convinced it’s not the same PM that was elected 2008.

I was very disappointed when a reporter asked him why the Minister of Health didn’t speak at the press conference concerning the babies and the answer he gave. He told the reporter he won’t blame Minister Pablo Marin because Minister Marin is winning village council elections in Corozal and that’s good for him.

Come on, Mr. PM, are village council elections more important than the lives of those babies? Sometime ago when Doug Singh was Party Chairman for the UDP, he mentioned that this Barrow administration is not to govern, but to win elections. Now I see where he’s coming from. Shame on this PM; he must be losing it.

Another stupid reply he made was the answer concerning the destruction of the Maya site: they are waiting to find out whereabouts of the driver of the bulldozer and the cameraman, so they can interview them to finish the investigations. Man, the evidence is there in the destruction. Arrest the contractor. He’s responsible, not his workers. They only follow orders.

Hakeem Bush

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