Letters — 05 August 2014

Dear Editor,

Third parties need to organize themselves nationwide to become a force in Belize politics. They have tried this before, but it was a complete failure. Belizeans need to be convinced that a third party will stand a chance of winning an election before they vote for them.

Take the fundamental philosophy of your political party to the people of Belize; tell them that with UDP and PUP, they are only changing people, with no constructive and beneficial changes to the majority of people who are suffering in our country of Belize today.

The Belize People’s Front may have decided not to attend that meeting because they see this as a complete waste of their time. Winning elections is about convincing most of the people that you have what it takes to solve their problems. How long have the VIP and the PNP been competing, and how many seats have they won in the municipal and general elections held so far?

This is the question that is on most Belizeans’ minds now and tomorrow, before they go and vote in the upcoming municipal elections. Go to the people countrywide, look for potential candidates, keep spreading your message and convince them that you have a chance and will make a difference in Belize politics.

If not, just get out of politics and do something else. Politics is not a game; it is war. It makes a difference in the lives of most of our people. In Belize, many people’s lives depend on it. In the United States, we have to work to earn our living, and cannot sit down and wait on politicians to feed our family and ourselves.

Wellington C. Ramos
Adjunct Professor of Political Science/History
email:[email protected]

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