Letters — 18 November 2014
The power of one

Dear Editor,

Community activist Yaya Marin Coleman proves to one and all that if you see a wrong, you cannot be silent; you must make your position heard, loud and clear, even if you are the only one. She has chosen to take to the streets with signs declaring that things must change.

In October, Yaya protested the hiring of a Guatemalan company to build a military outpost on Hunting Caye. First in front of the U.S. Embassy because it was the US Army Corps of Engineers responsible for the construction, and then in front of the Prime Minister’s office. She declared she would be there, even if she were by herself, which for the majority of the time, she was.

This month she takes aim at the dreadful situation at the main police detention cellblock in Belize City. Just because a person is in custody does not mean they deserve to suffer deplorable conditions or be treated as less than a human being.

Yaya is sending a message that we need to speak out more. We need to take action and bring attention when we know something is wrong. We support you as your struggle is our struggle for justice.

George & Candy Gonzalez

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