Headline — 17 June 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
Pregnant Alley gang member executed

What was the victim doing in Majestic Alley, the stronghold of his enemies?

At about 10:30 Friday, June 13, morning, the gun violence that has been plaguing the city claimed yet another life, this time that of Taylor Alley gang member Tulio “Pinelo” Caseres, 30, a resident of Taylor Alley, better known as “Pregnant Alley,” who is a building inspector employed at the Housing and Planning Department, located on North Front Street in Belize City.

Caseres was killed by a determined gunman who chased him and shot him at the junction of Majestic Alley and North Front Street, almost in front of City Hall. Caseres collapsed and died almost instantly from the many gunshots he suffered.

His family members, who went to the scene shortly after he was killed, saw him sprawled on the road, and burst out crying.

Superintendent Gualberto Garcia, Commander of Precinct 3 Police, which is located at the nearby Queen Street Police Station, told the media in a press brief held at about 2:30 Friday afternoon at the Queen Street Police Station, that Caseres was socializing in the park in Majestic Alley, in front of City Hall, under a plum tree with some men, who were sitting around a picnic table, when he was attacked.

A lone gunman came down Majestic Alley towards North Front Street, went into the park, and from about 10 feet away, fired three shots at Caseres.

Caseres, wounded, ran out of the park, but the gunman chased him, firing as he chased him. Caseres fell near the Chon San Restaurant, which is at the corner of Majestic Alley and North Front Street.

Police went to the scene quickly, but the killer had escaped. The scene was processed and 8 expended 9mm shells were recovered.

Multiple gunshot wounds were seen on Caseres, but two wounds are believed to have caused his death – he had been shot in the center of the back, and in the chest. He was declared dead at the scene.

About an hour later, after the scene was processed, Caseres was loaded into the pan of a mobile unit and taken to the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

Superintendent Garcia said that the motive for the murder is not yet known, but they are treating the shooting as gang-related.

Many people who know Caseres are aware that he was affiliated with the Taylor Alley gang, which is believed to be currently feuding with the Majestic Alley gang, and they are asking why he would be socializing in the territory of his enemies.

Superintendent Garcia said that he strongly believes that Caseres was lured to the area. Police have begun their investigation into the murder and are viewing surveillance footage from cameras in the area, he said.

At the time of the shooting, there were many witnesses who saw what happened, but Garcia said that these individuals are not cooperating in giving statements, and are claiming that they did not see or hear anything.

Caseres is the 10th victim of the spate of shooting incidents that started the night of Saturday, June 7. Police said that of the 10 shooting victims, two have died, one has been released after being in a critical condition in the KHMH, one is still in a critical condition, and six others have suffered gunshot injuries of varying levels of severity.

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