Letters — 08 July 2017
RE: Open letter – The Asian situation

July 5, 2017

Dear Editor,

Please allow us to respond to Mr. Neri O. Briceño’s letter in the Amandala of Friday, June 30, 2017, to H.E. Ambassador Charles Liu.

Dear Mr. Neri O. Briceño,

Further to your letter addressed to H.E. Ambassador Charles Liu, it is very apparent that you care deeply about Belize and are passionate about its people and future development. I believe you and Ambassador Liu share the same deep care for Belize. Ambassador Liu, arriving in Belize last November, has also fallen in love with the people and the country. He too has a deep admiration for Belize and its diverse culture and rich landscape. Ambassador Liu actually considers himself a Belizean and thanks Belize for accepting him as a member of the Belizean family.

Belize and Taiwan have maintained friendly relations for 28 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1989, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial. Compared to around 10,000 Chinese people staying in Belize, there are approximately 600 Taiwanese currently living in Belize and considering Belize their home. Taiwanese have integrated themselves in their community and many have volunteered in various programs such as Mandarin classes in schools. Over the years, Belize and Taiwan have learned a lot from each other through various cooperation projects and exchanges. We share core values such as democracy, peace and freedom.

Taiwan has overcome many challenges over the years through hard work and has become a prominent country in Asia. Ambassador Liu believes that what Taiwan can do, Belize can do too or even better than Taiwan someday. Many countries over the world work and cooperate together, and I hope that Belize and Taiwan can continue to share the same inspiration with each other and learn from each other for the mutual benefit of both our nations.

Sincerely yours,

Vania Vasquez-Eck (Mrs.)
Secretary to Ambassador

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