Letters — 21 March 2014 — by Alfonso C. Ramirez

Dear Editor,

I recently heard an ad on the radio promoting a ceremony depicting a Spanish conquistador “taking” for his wife a Mayan princess! The true history of the Spanish conquest of Mexico was hidden for centuries so as not to reveal who were the real conquistadores.

The bold and brave Maya drove the Spanish masters and “patrones” to the coast of Yucatan and across the border of the Rio Hondo, and they only turned back for home when they realized that it was time to plant their corn, which was life to them.

Valuable and unique ethno-historical sources, accessible as never before, offer a compelling new perspective on the Spanish conquest.

Alfonso C. Ramirez
Cell 620 2460

P. S. The picture of Spurs (circa 69/70) brought back lots of memories. I knew almost all the players. “Mundo” Myvett came to Belize mid-60’s and resided at 54 Daly Street, lower flat. I resided in the upper. On a trip about ten years ago, he mentioned to me that he and Aurelio Martinez were from the same village on the Honduran coast, “Plaplaya.” I went to school with Ronald Hulse (his father, Stanley Hulse, was a great Belizean footballer and was known as “Iron Foot”). I also sponsored “Hurricane” Bowser for a while when he was a boxer. Keep the pictures coming!

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