Letters — 09 November 2016
I recommend BURN, featuring Marlon Brando

Dear Editor,

I always look forward to reading your editorials, and as usual the one in the current issue of Amandala is informative, incisive, to the point — and a bit “arch,” which I like! Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the people.

Last night I watched a free movie on You Tube, the seldom seen and heretofore unknown to me BURN, featuring one of my favorite actors, Marlon Brando. A story of slave revolution in the Caribbean circa mid-1800’s, when both the Portuguese and the English were jockeying for economic advantage in the very lucrative sugarcane trade.

With enough nefarious deeds and duplicitous dealings to go around, it illustrates just how craven colonial machinations in pursuit of wealth could be; sugarcane here, but hell, it could just as well have been mahogany…. At any rate, if you have the time for this, I recommend it highly.

All the best…and soldier on…Thanks

Russell Czarnecki

(Ed. NOTE: We believe this is a movie which was shown in Belize under the name of QUEIMADA. It was only shown once at the Palace Theater, because this was around 1970, during the time of UBAD. Apparently, the Government of Belize, which also banned Nina Simone’s YOUNG, GIFTED, AND BLACK from being played on the government monopoly radio station, felt the movie Mr. Czarnecki was referring to would have encouraged UBAD impulses. We believe the said movie, BURN or QUEIMADA, was directed by an Italian named Gillo Pontecorvo, who had previously directed the more famous revolutionary film – THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS.)

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