Letters — 22 October 2016
Am I a reflection of the masses?

17th October, 2016

Dear Editor,

I was given an assignment in my Public Administration class at the University of Belize to speak on a public issue affecting the country of Belize. However, I quickly realized that I was not informed enough or equipped enough with the knowledge to speak with conviction on any current issue.

This leads to the question, “Am I a reflection of the masses?”

Is our culture so confined to us taking care of our homes and excelling at our jobs that we are so consumed with trying to perform these tasks that we do not stop to reflect on national issues?

In our defense, I will say that we do huddle in groups at work or pass comments to our family as we watch the nightly news at home. But I am also of the view that when these dialogues end, we do not enquire any further nor seek to learn more about the problem. Instead we opt to arm ourselves with tools to cope with our own reality.

An issue has to be banging on our doors before we react.

I will concede that I am guilty of this, and many others in our community are too. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right of the masses, but yet only few exercise this right publicly.
With speech comes great responsibility. So before I speak, I will research and understand. Only then will I experience the true meaning of “freedom of speech.”

Hats off to all the patriots of this Jewel who are standing up and speaking out and rallying for a cause. I know it’s not an easy road.

T. Welch

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