Letters — 09 November 2012 — by Romel Cuello

Dear Editor,

I fail to understand the reluctance of our government to ease the marijuana laws when it is plain for all to see that “crack cocaine” and alcohol are by far bigger problems.

We are not calling for legalization, only decriminalization; a stiff fine will do, jail time is not needed unless people are trafficking with it. Most people who smoke do it to “chill out,” for it operates mostly as a tranquilizer. A few do fly off the bat, but very few.

On the other hand, “crack cocaine” becomes the master with the first touch. Everyone who has a friend or relative on this stuff can testify to how horrible that addiction is. That problem needs to be criminally addressed.

Alcohol is legal, but needs to be highly regulated. I am noticing that in our country, most Chinese shops are more of a bar than a store. Bars have to be equipped with bathrooms; alcohol makes you urinate regularly. Shops or stores do not, so imagine where the relieving takes place. Public drinking should be strictly regulated since people who are high on alcohol are easily agitated.

The end product of alcohol and crack cocaine can easily be seen on our streets.

I know quite a few persons who are treating their crack addiction and/or alcoholism with marijuana. Just a few puffs to change the mood (no need for a whole joint), put some sense into your head, and get to work, problem solved one day at a time.

Romel Cuello

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