Letters — 02 August 2013 — by Russell Czarnecki

Dear Editor,

Continuing to read the Amandala (online edition) from where I live in Mexico—after residing in Belize for six years—I’m bewildered over how Belize can’t seem to ever put a foot right, in matters both great and small. Everything the GOB does is a joke (the kind where no one is laughing, unless it’s to keep from crying); GOB isn’t interested in seeing the populace properly educated; who knows what questions of accountability might be asked of them if people knew how to think. The Church and its vaunted educational system; another joke, this one, as it comes with all the life stultifying superstitions organized religion is known for — the opposite of thinking for yourself.

GOB loves to hear the populace blaming the British for all their woes—if not the British, then who?
As my Belizean friends started to mention more frequently,as they (rightfully, perhaps) tired of my complaints —”Russell,if you don’t like it here, then leave.” I’m glad I listened to their advice.

With respect,
Russell Czarnecki

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