Crime — 29 July 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
San Pedro cop charged with extortion

Constable Elvin Nah, of San Pedro Police, whom police accused of extorting $400 from a man he busted with 4 grams of weed, was charged with extortion in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court today, before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez, who released him on bail of $2,000 and ordered him to return to court on Tuesday, September 17.

Inspector Henry Jemmott, Deputy Commander of San Pedro police, said that Nah will be dealt with criminally in the Magistrate Court, and internally, by a police tribunal.
The incident occurred on July 17 on Pescador Drive in San Pedro. Inspector Jemmott said that Nah was on patrol with other officers when he stopped a man and conducted a routine search. In the course of the search he found a bag containing marijuana, and the man was taken to the station, where the drug was weighed and found to be 4 grams.

Nah then allegedly made an offer to the man, to pay him $400, and the charge would disappear. The man reported that he paid Nah eight $50 bills, which Nah put in his pocket, and the man was set free without charges.

Jemmott said that they conducted an investigation, recorded a statement and held an identification parade in which the man identified Nah. Camera footage was also viewed and the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for further directives, and at about 10:20 this morning, directives were given to arrest and charge PC Nah for extortion.

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