Sports — 15 October 2016 — by Karim Juan - SSBA Secretary
Scores from SSBA Basketball Tournament in San Ignacio

SAN IGNACIO, CAYO, Thurs. Oct. 13, 2016–The San Ignacio & Santa Elena Basketball Association (SSBA) hosted 9 games this past weekend at the Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio Town.

On Friday night, defending U19 champs, Pepsi Christian Ambassadors defeated Belmopan, 65-46. Pepsi Christian Ambassadors was led by Tevaughn Usher, who scored 25 points, while Arik Nicholas and Paul Flowers, Jr. netted 10 pts each. The top scorers for Belmopan were Denzel Brown and Gabriel Hyde, who tallied 11 and 9 pts, respectively. In game 2, Maria Chang/4G Lyte avenged their opening loss by defeating Invaders, 69-23, in the Over 35 division. The top scorers for Maria Chang/4G Lyte were Kevin Domingo and Vince “Post” Estrada, who sank 18 pts apiece, while Cassian “Russian” Flowers chipped in with 11 pts. Invaders was led by Dwayne Gongora with 8 pts. In the nightcap, Maraton Mambas defeated Sacred Heart Junior College, 52-44, in the Senior division. Akeem Watters was the top scorer for Maraton Mambas with 17 pts, while Anfernee Young and Michael Lyons scored 8 pts each. Elvert Ariola sank 14 pts for Sacred Heart Junior College, while Antwan McFadzean scored 13 pts.

On Saturday night, Sacred Heart College’s Under 19 squad narrowly edged Cayo Storm, 60-52, in over-time. Sacred Heart College was led by Kyron “Tut” Molina, who had the game high with 27 pts, while Jovanne Zetina netted 9 pts. Michael Hyde was the top scorer for Cayo Storm with 18 pts, and Nigel Castellanos scored 10 pts. In game 1 on court B, Lady Warriors was a no-show, giving Belmopan Shock the win by forfeit. In game 2, Tuff Enuff also needed over-time to defeat Special Effects in the Over 35 category, 43-40. Lester Cadle was the top scorer for Tuff Enuff with 11 pts, while William Black and Keith Pollard netted 7 pts apiece. Artan Tucker tallied 15 pts for Special Effects, while Karon “Civic” Neal and Darrel Williams scored 10 and 7 pts, respectively. In game 2 on Court B, McRoe Lions defeated Belmopan in the Under 23 division, 60-54. McRoe Lions was led by Ian Rene, who had the game high with 23 pts, while Luis Barcelona and Jamal Augustine netted 12 and 10 pts, respectively. Jevaughn McKenzie was the top scorer for Belmopan with 19 pts, while Felix Requena and Akeem Watters scored 11 and 9 pts, respectively. In the nightcap, Panthers remained undefeated, as they registered a 73-61 victory over Snipers in the Senior category.

Panthers was led by Johann “Cutto” Bermudez and Charles Ponce, who tallied 19 pts each, while Shank Fuller and Winston Pratt netted 14 and 13 pts, respectively. Emerson King was the top scorer for Snipers with 20 pts, with Elroy “Shabba” Willis sinking 10 pts, and Jimmy Rudon chipped in with 9 pts. On court B, Belmopan Wolves defeated City Boys, 76-65, in the Senior category. Belmopan Wolves was led by Rahyne Sacasa, who sank 18 pts, while Christian Rodriguez and Mark Wagner tallied 15 and 11 pts, respectively. Akeem Evans was the top scorer for City Boys with 24 pts, while Fenton Ross scored 19 pts and Marlon Andrewin added 13 pts.

Upcoming games:
Friday, October 14
6:30 p.m. – (Female) Western Queens vs Belmopan Shock
7:30 p.m. – (Under 23) Tuff Enuff vs Sergeant Peppers
8:30 p.m. – (Seniors) Snipers vs Tuff Enuff
Saturday, October 15
6:30 p.m. (Court A, U19) Belmopan vs Kings
6:30 p.m. (Court B, Female) Belmopan Shock vs Lady Warriors
7:30 p.m. (Court A, Over 35) Cayo vs Belmopan
7:30 p.m. (Court B, Under 23) Belmopan vs McRoe Lions
8:30 p.m. (Court A, Seniors) Police Stars vs Bmp. Print Belize
8:30 p.m. (Court B, Seniors) Benque Riders vs SHJC

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