Highlights — 26 September 2015 — by Johnelle McKenzie
Where is Sharon Lamb’s Belizean passport?

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 23, 2015–Sharon Lamb, a 50-year-old nursing assistant and mother of two who lives in Parks City, Illinois, USA, visited Amandala to tell us of the challenges she has faced in her efforts to collect her renewed Belizean passport from the  Belize Immigration Department. Lamb said that she had applied for the renewal of her Belizean passport in 2011 while in Belize for her mother’s funeral.

       Unfortunately, she had to leave before getting it, and she had not returned until her arrival on September 2 of this year, for the September Celebrations.

       Upon her return, she visited the Immigration offices both in Belmopan and Belize City in the hopes of getting her passport, but she has been given the runaround, said Lamb.

       She was told to revisit the Immigration Department in Belize City and ask for the Officer in Charge of the Belize City Immigration Department, who, after meeting with her, assigned someone to her case, who had promised to look for the passport.

       To date, however, she still has not received her passport, and she is scheduled to fly out this Friday, September 25.

       Lamb fears that her passport will end up in the wrong hands.

       Amandala was unable to reach Gordon Wade, Officer in Charge of the Immigration Department, for comment as to whether any progress has been made in the matter.

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