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Special Constable Barrington Brown, 43, pleads guilty to wounding wife

Brown told the court that “Provocation caused me to hit my wife”

Special Constable Barrington Brown, 43, a resident of #1 Wagner’s Lane, is spending his first night of a two-week stint at the Belize Central Prison after he changed his plea to guilty, to wounding his estranged wife back in May.

According to the report, the couple had been getting into arguments since May 6, leading Barrington to move into the downstairs of the house, along with two lesbians. On the night of May 14, Sharon Brown arrived home at 8:30 and found her two daughters, ages 16 and 8, downstairs with their father and the two women, which got her upset.

Brown got her two daughters and took them upstairs, where she punished them, and when Barrington went upstairs, they got into an altercation. At that point, Sharon began to go downstairs, and as she was walking down the steps, Barrington allegedly came up behind her and choked her.

Sharon then fell to the ground and when she did, Barrington then stood over her and started punching her in the face. One of the women from downstairs then intervened and pulled Barrington from over Sharon, allowing her to leave and report the matter.

When Sharon was examined by a doctor, her burst lip and swollen face were certified to be as a result of wounding.

When asked why he hit his wife, Barrington replied, “Provocation caused me to hit my wife.”

Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith told Brown that his actions were out of order and remanded him to prison until November 8, 2013, when he will be brought back to be sentenced.

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