Letters — 29 April 2017
Stop corruption now!

Dear Editor,
Although I no longer live in Belize, having decamped to the relative tranquility of a South Pacific island, my perseverations over this former British colony have diminished only slightly, and I still feel like shouting from the rooftops: “STOP CORRUPTION NOW!”

All tourists to Belize (who can’t be bothered) and most expats (who refuse to look beyond their Jimmy Buffet version of reality) remain clueless as to what’s really happening in The Jewel.

Or maybe they feel complicit in this culture of corruption, as in whenever they pay someone to expedite a need at the department of motor vehicles, say, or the lands department or immigration or ANY of the ministries at all.

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours isn’t just something that party insiders practice. All the petty corruptions in Belize contribute to this increasingly failed State. Where are the role-models?

Russell Czarnecki

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