Sports — 12 November 2016
Strange inside business with National U-17

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Nov. 10, 2016–It is always a very delicate and sensitive matter whenever you are dealing with a selection of players, whether it is a neighborhood team, a semi-pro team, a village, town or city selection, and much more so, a national selection. Feelings are inevitably hurt.

But there is a good way and a bad way of doing things. Communication is critical.

Sometimes, circumstances lead one to suspect there is partiality in the decision making process, and meritocracy is sacrificed for personal reasons.

We won’ t call any names for obvious reasons, but it is important for those in authority to know that there are consequences to their actions, and we cannot afford this type of slip-up when we are preparing to do battle.

Here is a small part of what an aggrieved parent shared with us:

Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 1:07 PM

“It is amazing that last Friday, (my son) received a phone call from FFB saying that he was on the list of 20 players that is going to Costa Rica to play World Cup qualifiers next week. Only to find out that by Sunday he did not receive a letter to indicate such, but most, if not all of the other players did. They are training full camp right now, but they ask that he does not show up for workout.

“There are no indications of disciplinary problems etc. that the coaches had, but yet his name was taken off the list and put on reserve, they said.

“You as well as I know that (my son) is a prolific goal scorer that almost all games he play he scores. The young boy is hurt deeply because he worked really hard and travel that long distance to train each weekend and return.”

He continues with more details, and wraps up with a question:

“Do we really want the best for Belize?”

The circumstances, we have to agree, have led the parent to feel that his son was sacrificed for someone else’s because of “favoritism.” How can he help but feel that way, when you changed your mind between Friday and Sunday, after already making a phone call, with no explanation?

None of the youths on the present National U-17 is to blame if a wrong has been done; it is those in authority that must answer for their actions. And if a wrong has been done, it is our National U-17 Team’s performance that will be negatively affected.

Come on, Belize. We are many steps behind our foreign competition. We cannot afford to send any less than our very best.

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