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“Sufficient evidence” for Gary Seawell to be extradited

Gary Seawell was back in court today, where he appeared hopeful that arguments his lawyer, Arthur Saldivar, had made at his last appearance on September 11, 2013, would prevail and prevent his extradition to the US. But his hopes were quickly dashed within three minutes of the Chief Magistrate’s entrance to the court, when she concluded that there was sufficient evidence to extradite Seawell to the United States to face charges of drug importation and money laundering.

Saldivar’s submissions were that the depositions or affidavits had no oaths on them and therefore held no legal ground for the court to consider, and that the documents were not properly authenticated, which meant that the court had no legal evidence against Seawell.

Iliana Swift, who represented the Attorney General’s Office, responded to the submissions and after hearing both sides’ arguments, the Chief Magistrate deferred her decision to yesterday. However, she was not in court yesterday and so the ruling was given today, Tuesday.

In that ruling, she determined that the minor discrepancies that Saldivar brought up did not render the documents “worthless”, and that the sections 14 and 15 of the Extradition Act had been complied with. In conclusion, she said that “Sufficient bases have been proven for Seawell to be extradited”.

Seawell and his older brothers, Mark and Dwayne, were all wanted by the US for drug importation and money laundering. Dwayne is currently serving time in the US after pleading guilty to the charges.

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