Letters — 16 June 2018
Suggestions for John Paul Junior College

June 12, 2018

Dear Editor:

As a student of John Paul Junior College, and on behalf of the rest of the students, I am pleased to acknowledge the important work of the college. I am proud to be studying at this institution and enjoy learning every day. The teachers are very good and helpful and always eager to guide us. I am glad being part of this family; it has taught me many useful things.

However, I think that this school is just starting and it already has many interesting things to display and share with the students, such as the love they share among each other and the religious activities. As the years pass by the school needs more improved facilities for the upcoming students coming next year. I was thinking about how to help the school. I came up with many different suggestions and I am willing to share them so that others may pitch in.

One is to add a little garden and inculcate students’ motivation with the importance of our environment. Students can volunteer to sow seeds, nurture the plants and see them grow. It will be nothing less than an enriching experience for all of them.

Secondly, each student would like to have mentors who could serve as their intellectual and emotional guide. Students could share details about them and receive guidance regarding different aspects of their lives like hobbies and careers. The mentor could also be the student’s counselor and help them with their struggles and problems.

Thirdly, if it’s possible, we would like to have better technology at school. Learning can be improved by way of video tutorials and simulations related to the subjects we study.

Lastly, we need a small place where we are able to purchase food, especially healthy food. Currently the school holds no cafeteria and with the student population increasing this is a basic necessity the school should have.

Shandy Cunil

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