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Keyren Tzib’s denied bail

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Oct. 21, 2015–Keyren Tzib and her attorney Darrell Bradley have been making the rounds of the Supreme Court, hoping to obtain a favorable outcome to a bail application filed seven weeks ago, but today, Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez ruled to deny bail to Tzib based on evidence presented by a psychiatrist who examined her.

Keyren Tzib, a Belize Coast Guard seaman who is on interdiction, accused of attempted murder and manslaughter in two separate incidents, has been described by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Olivera as suffering from bipolar disorder.

Under cross-examination, Dr. Olivera told the court that if Tzib is provoked she would be violent to herself and others.

During the lengthy bail application hearings, a number of submissions were made by Crown Counsel Sheiniza Smith, who opposed the granting of bail to Tzib on the grounds that she represents a danger to society and to herself.

In denying Tzib’s bail application, Justice Gonzalez noted that he would not be granting bail due to Tzib’s illness. Dr. Olivera had testified that if she is released back into society, she would pose a threat both to herself and to others, if she is provoked. That determination had troubled the court and Justice Gonzalez adjourned his decision to ponder that aspect of the Crown’s argument in opposing bail.

Justice Gonzalez ordered that the prison provide adequate counseling and the necessary care to address her condition.

The judge also ordered that Tzib return to court on December 23, 2015, so that the court could provide her with a trial date, since the Crown was not in a position to indicate when her manslaughter trial would begin.

If all of the conditions are met, then bail would be considered, Justice Gonzalez said.

Tzib was charged with the manslaughter of her common-law-husband, Thytis Blancaneaux. The incident occurred at the couple’s home in Lord’s Bank, Ladyville, in July.

When this latest incident occurred, Tzib was out on a $10,000 bail for the attempted murder of Coast Guard petty officer Kurt Hyde, whom she had shot in the face on Easter Monday with an M14 Carbine assault rifle. Hyde was successfully treated onboard a US Navy Hospital ship that was visiting Belize around the time when he was shot.

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