Features — 08 April 2014 — by Adele Ramos
Suriname’s Terrence Craig to head OAS office in Belize

Terrence Craig, who has been serving as the representative for the Organization of American States (ASO) in Grenada since October 2008, has been picked to head the OAS office in Belize, effective in May.

Craig would succeed Juliet Phillip, who was assigned to Belize in January 2013.

Ambassador Craig, who formerly served as head of the Americas Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Suriname, told us that he has been to Belize twice before, as a government representative for Suriname.

We were advised by the OAS Office in Belize that Craig is due to take up the post on Thursday, May 1; however, Craig told us that he and his supervisor are still working out some details.

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