Features — 25 June 2016 — by Bill Lindo
Two systems are before the world

BELIZE CITY, June 22nd, 2016–Speaking on the recent 50,000 troop “Anakonda 16” NATO simulation in Poland, Polish President Duda said: “The aim of the exercise is clear…we are preparing for an attack “…meaning against Russia. This shows the desperation of Wall Street and the City of London. Most people in today’s world don’t know how close we are to a full nuclear World War (now worse than 1962) with the Anglo-Americans against Russia, China and India. Why?

The Trans-Atlantic sector economies are in complete breakdown, and this includes our Belize. Later I will discuss Belize’s economy. Once the envy of the world, today’s United States is plagued by economic disintegration, suicide, drug addiction, and mass shootings. Europe’s economy is also in disintegration. The basic problem is that since the year 1972, America and Europe’s economies shifted from production to gambling. No economy can develop and grow unless the conditions for “demand” are satisfied, and only production in the physical economy can do that. Now the chickens are coming home to roost – These economies are bankrupt. They either change or implode, when? Soon. Only God can say the time. But soon. This, Belizeans, is the reason driving the provocations to nuclear war against Russia, China and India – the BRICS.

Against this Trans-Atlantic breakdown of the Anglo-American Empire is the One Road One Belt of China and the Eurasian Union of Russia and India, with the potential to unleash the greatest period of global economic growth in human history and the complete eradication of poverty world-wide.

Next week both India and Pakistan will join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Iran will become a senior observer. From that meeting in Uzbekistan, President Putin will go to Beijing for a historic state visit with China’s President Xi. And last week, President Putin at the huge St. Petersburg Economic Forum (June 16-18), which was attended by Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi, EU President Junckers, former French President Sarkozy, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, announced at a two hour dialogue moderated by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that negotiations have begun to merge the Chinese One Road One Belt (New Silk Road) and the Eurasian Union led by Russia which will result in some 40 countries joining in a new “Greater Eurasian Plan”. Putin also called on the European Union and the United States to join China, India and the other 37 nations to create peace and development on earth or face the “imminent collapse of the Trans-Atlantic System”.

President Putin also said this of the United States, “We need the United States, but we don’t need them constantly interfering in our affairs, telling us how to live…”

Belizeans, we have reached a punctum saliens moment, where either mankind moves fully into the new paradigm, best expressed by the “Greater Eurasian Plan” of Russia, China, and India, or plunges into a war of extinction. There is no place to hide, because the future of mankind hangs in the balance. President Putin is fully on top of this showdown, and we can expect him to do the unexpected in the coming days and weeks to win the battle for mankind’s future.

That’s the strategic situation we face as humans, but here in our Belize we are in the midst of a breakdown of our small economy. Last September I wrote in the Amandala that Belize’s economy was coming in for hard times. Why? We depend on exports of raw agricultural products for foreign exchange to pay for our imports of manufactured goods, imported foods and fuel. Well, the prices and global demand have both fallen for these commodities. In February of this year I wrote that for the first quarter our exports would fall by some 6% to 8%. I was wrong. According to government figures our exports fell some 34%. Meanwhile, tourism arrivals and spending for Cayo was down some 16%. Cayo is mostly Belizean-owned business. The foreign-owned tourism of San Pedro increased by some 2%. With the tourism and agricultural sector both down, Belize’s economy is in a tail-spin downward.

The distribution sector clearly will face severe problems as the lack of foreign exchange makes it next to impossible to pay for imports. And government revenue is facing severe problems because their income is from GST, Business Taxes and taxes on imports. Soon, very soon, government will be forced to cut expenses, meaning sending home workers as no revenue exists to pay wages.

And the elephant in the room is the pending payments to BCB Holdings — $ 44 million; Belize Social Dev Ltd — $ 38 million; Belize Bank — $ 37 million; BTL nationalization — $ 250 million. This is about $ 369.5 million to the Ashcroft alliance without interest and fees. The total will be about $ 650 million to $ 700 million. It’s believed that in the next week or so the BTL nationalization award will be final. Then eight days after government must pay some $ 110 million United States dollars to the British Lord. The Belize government does not have that amount of foreign exchange. The Central Bank cannot print that. Government is in a bind – a huge bind. Already government has borrowed all the new money printing from the Central Bank – over $ 110 million.

Because of our appetite to live a life we cannot afford, we import over 70% of our consumption of goods. If government through the Central Bank print any more money, our dollar peg will collapse. There is no magic bullet. This state of affairs cannot continue. We are spoilt, so what or how do we deal with this problem?

Our masters, the Anglo-American Empire, are now in free-fall — soon to implode, so they cannot help us. I have written about this coming to pass for the last 21 years when I wrote my book – ABC’s of Economics in 1995. Only manufacturing industries combined with agriculture supplying the raw materials can give Belize a high standard of living and end poverty.

And money? It’s not dropped from heaven – money is “paper” created by humans, by bankers. We already have our national bank. This foolishness of depositing $ 2 million of Social Security funds in the bank is wasting time. Government has to deposit at least $ 450 million in the national bank so that it can be viable. Tell the neo-liberals and apologists for foreign capital to go “fly-a-kite”.

But remember, the national bank cannot create foreign exchange. To pay for the imports of machinery which will be used to produce real wealth, Belize needs to get credit from BRICS. There is no other choice today. BRICS is the future. The Anglo-Americans are the past – they are death.

The next couple of weeks will determine our future here on planet earth. We can act as humans made in the image of our Creator or as animals, as lap-dogs to “massa.” God gave us choices, so use them with wisdom. Let’s join the future of economic growth, ending poverty, and creation of happy Belizeans. The other choice is chaos and death, like Guatemala or Honduras.

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