: ' letter to the editor'

Public transportation: a backward industry

Dear Editor, It’s a frustrating scenario on repeat with nothing being done to alleviate it. The current bus schedule and the amount of buses running are clearly not meeting the public’s demand. A herd of people [...]

Wayne “Redboy” Uter’s beef

Dear Editor, Belizeans at home and abroad need to be aware of this practice by the Belize Department of Immigration, and the Permanent Mission to Belize here in New York. Please help us spread the news. [...]

Attention: Hopkins needs village roads fixed NOW!

Dear Editor, The village of Hopkins’ roads are the worst ever! This is high season and running any type of business requires one to go from point A to point B! It is impossible by foot, [...]

Let better pay for cane-cutters also roll…

“No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first.” - Jennette McCurdy Dear Editor, The escalating tension here in the North is indeed a very crippling experience that continues to dampen and [...]

Hugh Saul on Major Lloyd Jones’ December 14 letter

December 15, 2014 Dear Editor, I note with interest Major Lloyd Jones’ (R) letter, “The problem with the Barrow administration’s development program is one of sustainability,” which appeared in your Amandala (Belize) newspaper dated December 14, [...]

And the times, they really are a-changin’!

Dear Editor, Besides the beauty of God’s creation of Mother Nature, I always see the beautiful children of Belize as the greatest blessing of my beloved country of adoption. That’s why it is really hard for [...]

The problem with the Barrow administration’s development program is one of sustainability

Dear Editor, The Barrow administration, taking a lead from the Lord Mayor of Belize City, has embarked on a much needed infrastructure development program. This has to be greeted as good news. Forward looking, targeted and [...]

Of the Firearms Act and a mother’s torment

Dear Editor, At Justice’s door… As I stood at the proverbial door, I very sheepishly began to knock. Behind the door was Justice. She must not have  heard my first knock, so I gathered myself and [...]

Our country’s name is Belize, please!

Dear Editor, Harnessing a country’s collective identity can contribute to domestic and international prestige. This can instill patriotism and nationalistic sentiments. Belize, with its original inhabitants and immigrant population, needs to forge common ground to ensure [...]

Belize at 2014 CAC Games in Veracruz, Mexico

BELIZE CITY–Belize will be participating in the Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Games in Veracruz, Mexico, from November 14 – 30. The contingent consists of 10 athletes and 6 coaches/delegates from five disciplines as follows: Athletics [...]