Letters — 17 September 2016
Teachers, unite!

Dear Editor,

I must say, though, in reference to comments made about Price’s campaign for ‘Christian Democracy’, that back then it was soon figured out to be a farce.   For that reason the Public Service Union joined forces with the British Honduras Unions of Teachers (BHUT) to form the TUC or Trade Union Congress which allied itself with the non-Catholic independent unions that supported Phillip Goldson.  Pollard’s NFCTU was crumbling and it finally did after the Pauling strike in 1969.  It is still historically difficult to understand how Price won the 1969 general elections.  But before I stray away, the point I wish to make is that the BNTU was already a powerful force to reckon with in 1966.

I personally feel that the Unions are very skeptical about religion;  most of the followers are not pro-Catholic anymore, even though the majority may still be from the Roman Catholic schools. There are today many Government schools and those teachers are more militant than the Catholics….me think so.


Nick, Jr.

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