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Tennis News – Samron Pott is U-16 Tennis Champion

BELIZE CITY, Tue. Apr. 19, 2016–This past Saturday, U-16 juniors were working the Belize Pickwick Club tennis courts, as they competed in the U-16 Singles tennis tournament. In the round-robin, Samron Pott, Harnadar Tut, Stefan Sosa and Noor Tut were the top four with the highest points, who then went on to the semifinals. Although Adrian Marshalleck, Gavin Riveroll and Jonathan Smith did not make the top four, their game has noticeably improved, and they are viable competitors, having lost in the round-robin by only very small margins!
In the first semifinal, Samron Pott edged out Noor Tut, 6-4; and Stefan Sosa defeated Harnadar Tut, 6-4.

The final was an epic marathon between Samron Pott and Stefan Sosa, proving that the sport of tennis encourages perseverance, endurance, mental toughness, agility, strength, and all round discipline. Stefan Sosa’s power game and impressive ground strokes won him the first set, 6-2; but Samron Pott fought hard and never gave up after losing the first set, adjusting his game to a defensive one, since his offensive game was not working. This led to Pott winning the second set, 6-4. The final and determining set was a 10 point tie-breaker. Having taken the second set, the momentum was with Samron Pott, who went on to win the tie breaker, 10-1, over Sosa, thereby taking the victory.

The president of the Belize Tennis Association, Mr. Edward Musa, Sr. was on hand to present the second place and championship trophies to the respective players. Congratulations to Sosa and Pott for giving it their all in the finals. All junior players are encouraged to keep on playing and improving their game!

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