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Tensions high as rival gangs clash in the old city

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 4, 2018– The ongoing feud between the Victoria Street and Majestic Alley gangs has resulted in the shooting deaths of the reputed Victoria Street boss, Leon Garcia, 30, and the brother-in-law of a Majestic Alley associate, Jermaine Vellos, 39. That feud has additionally led to the shooting of Charles Foreman, Sr., 59.

Sometime around 9 o’clock on Wednesday night a man dressed in full black visited Foreman’s home on Pickstock Street. The man called out, “Charlie!” That was when Foreman opened his door to a barrage of gunshots. As many as six shots roared out, one of which struck him in his chin and exited his neck. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he is listed in a critical condition.

Police found the person believed to be Foreman’s shooter in an open lot next to where the shooting occurred. However, when they set chase after him and even opened fire, he was able to escape on foot.

Foreman’s relatives have revealed to Amandala that he is in a coma and on life support. Relatives say that his entire jaw was crushed by a bullet which ruptured a main vein that leads to his heart and brain.

The family revealed that Guatemalan specialists are to arrive in the country between today and tomorrow to assist with a critical operation.

For now, the shooting of Foreman, a stevedore at the Port of Belize who is set to retire next year, remains a mystery. Sources close to Amandala indicate that he was not the target. They say that it was his sons, one of whom is allegedly associated with members of the Majestic Alley gang and another who is associated with the Victoria Street/George Street Gang, who were the intended targets. Those sons, we have been told, have already relocated out of the Belize district.

At a press conference held today with Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, he said that Foreman was not the target. He revealed that it was someone else who was inside his home at the time.

According to Cowo, in light of the heated rivalry, more police will be deployed in Majestic Alley, Victoria Street and Pickstock Street.

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