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Terrence Martinez from the South

December 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

Please allow me the opportunity to share with our people what I heard on Wave Radio this morning from Minister Patrick Faber. A caller from Dangriga voiced his opinion about the politricks towards Dangriga as one of “The Forgotten South”.

It was quite obvious that the caller ruffled some feathers, because Patrick and the other two gentlemen jumped like idiots, explaining about the building of schools, roads, scholarships, etc. here in Griga.

The drama was quite amazing to me, to the point where I had a very good laugh. It seemed as if the caller opened a can of worms and I loved every bit of it. We need more callers to voice their concerns so we can have the same reaction, and hopefully, they will all see the big picture.

Now here is my version. Looking at the big picture, I personally and honestly believe that the Southern districts have more to offer to our country’s economy via the tourism industry. I agree with some of the comments made by Mr. Faber and the other two gentlemen that the Hopkins road is a disaster.

Our people have been living on promises that this road would have been paved by both parties. Before I stray away from the picture, let me remind Mr. Faber and everyone else that the Southern districts have the longest coastal plain, the two deepest water ports, and so far, one of the two most peaceful districts in the country of Belize.

I also believe that if Central Government was really interested in our country’s economy, more funds would have been allocated to enhance the tourism industry in the South, which would have created more jobs for all Belizeans.

In 2010, Minister Manuel Heredia came to Dangriga at “The Pelican Resort” to explain to us how funds that were donated by another country were being distributed, which I called “The Rabbit Foot Theory.”

To make a long story short, we had no representation by any of our elected area representatives at that meeting other than former Dangriga Mayor, Frank “Pawpa” Mena.

The point is, if people don’t call in or write about their concerns, we don’t know or hear a damn thing from our area representatives. As it is right now, everybody hears what Boots Martinez is doing, Patrick Faber, and other Ministers from the other districts.

Now tell me, “Who dih hell tell we anyting down ya soh or if unu hear bout any one a fuh we Ministers dih do anyting down South?”

Commerce Bight Pier was taken away from us and many of our people are still out of a job. This was one of our only sources of income for a very long time. It doesn’t matter which party did it: the fact of the matter is, we got screwed.

Talking about fixing roads, the 19th November just went by and the roads here in the Culture Capital were, and still are, full of pools (potholes). Thanks to the mayor for doing the best that he could, which is all Grigalizeans are expecting from our elected members, which is to set aside “politricks” and do their very best for our entire country.

Everytime these politicians want to be elected, they come up with great ideas, but at the end of the day, “Dih shaft only goh een deepa witout grease.”

Now I agree with the caller this morning. I can honestly say that we are forgotten, especially when our daily bread was taken away from us and we could not do a damn thing about it but suffer.

“More deh fu she, and who feels it knows it.” “Gibeti catei Niduhienigu, Bungiyu gubeirugu. Ayo.”

‘Nuff Respect,
Terrence O. Martinez

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