Letters — 21 February 2014 — by Russell Czarnecki

Dear Editor,

In last weekend’s edition of the Amandala,in the Features section, an Editorial (I don’t know what else to call it) was posted under the above mentioned lead in. Full of outrage, as it is, over more examples of the pervasive and fundamental venality of GOB, I view (and hope) that this posting will help bring about the spark needed to effect and correct the current “in-your-face” culture of “Don’t be shy when feeding at the public trough; get all you can, however you can!” A country being run by a group of politicians no better than gangsters – that’s Belize.

For those who have lost hope that it will ever be different, I have this to say: history is full of examples of the actions of ordinary people who decided they were tired of waiting for justice and respect; who were tired of being economically bullied; who were tired of being bought at election time for a piece of chicken and a T-shirt, a ball-cap and a free beer.

“‘Thank you, boss! Sure, I’ll vote for you, you’re all right.”

The hard truth is that the “Honorable” con artists, liars and double-talkers on the take in Belizean politics today are there for only one reason – not because of the Americans or the British or the Guatemalans, Mexicans, the Polish or anyone else – it’s YOU who put up with it.

I don’t know what the future holds for Belize – a political alignment for roots people similar to the old UBAD(?) – but I do know one thing for sure, and that’s when elections change nothing, hope vanishes and is replaced by anger.

Thank you again for the column; it definitely hits on all cylinders, although I imagine some might find it “wrong and distasteful….”

Russell Czarnecki

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