Sports — 19 January 2016 — by Leopoldo Benguche
Is Toledo Football Association a victim of corrupt individuals?

Excerpt from UK. “U.S. persecutors have continued to call FIFA a victim of corrupt individuals, but that status could change at any time. If FIFA were criminally charged, sponsors and other partners might be wary of the risks of doing business with it….”

PUNTA GORDA, Thurs. Jan. 14, 2016–As a member of FIFA, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) has received millions of dollars through the Goal Project and the Financial Assistance Program for the development and promotion of football in Belize.

As a member of FFB, the Toledo Football Association (TFA) has received funds to assist in the development and promotion of the sport in our district. Where are these funds, however? Will our thirty-four year old serving chairman, who has proven to be incompetent, answer the question?

Why should teams be given such privilege to enjoy the benefits of FIFA’s monies when they are neither registered nor competing in games organized and/or endorsed by the association for more than a decade?

To add insult to injury, under the present executive, there are no grassroots youth or male and female players of our district, and it is hoped that it is not the same for the associations in the other football districts.

The present association has conveniently refused to organize Congress (ordinary/extra-ordinary), because it would require that financial accountability and transparency be compulsory items on the agenda.

The Ethics, Electoral and Disciplinary Committees of FFB are being implored, through this medium, to do like UEFA on FIFA, which is to impartially investigate and present their findings of the Toledo Football Association before the next election, which is slated for Saturday, February 13, 2016.

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