Sports — 27 June 2014 — by Jerome Williams – WW Chairman

Weekend Warriors Tour and Criterium results

Below are the results from the Belize Bank/Stationery House/Stag Beer Tour held from Friday, June 20, to Saturday, June 21.

Also following that are the results from the Anglican Diocese Criterium, held on Sunday, June 22, around Albert/Regent Streets, starting at 12:30 p.m. Distances and times are also included.

Registration fees from the Criterium event were donated to the Anglican Church by the Weekend Warriors (WW) Cycling Club.

WW Tour 2014 results
Stage #1 Belize Bank northside – Leslie’s (via Boom Road)

“A” – 1st Warren Coye, 2nd Preston Martinez, 3rd Daniel Cano; “B” – 1st Jim Scott, 2nd Isaiah Willacey, 3rd Santino Castillo; “C” – 1st Valentine Sosa, 2nd Wayne Arnold, 3rd Joseph Abraham.
Stage #2 Individual Time Trial

“A” – 1st Sean Howard, 2nd Daniel Cano, 3rd Warren Coye; “B” – 1st Ray Cattouse, 2nd Jim Scott, 3rd Isaiah Willacey; “C” 1st Curtis Bradley, 2nd Lawrence Craig, 3rd Wayne Arnold.
Stage #3 Bmp – St. Margaret – Bmp

“A” – 1st Sean Howard, 2nd Beat Brunschweiler, 3rd Daniel Cano; “B” 1st Jim Scott, 2nd Ray Cattouse, 3rd Isaiah Willacey; “C” 1st Wayne Arnold, 2nd Curtis Bradley, 3rd Lawrence Craig.
Overall TOUR WINNERS after 3 Stages

A-Class – 1st Sean Howard (Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry, 4:25:46); 2nd Daniel Cano (Digicell-4G, 4:25:51); 3rd Beat Brunschweiler (Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry, 4:27:01); 4th Warren Coye (Santino’s, 4:28:33); 5th Robert Mariano (Digicell-4G, 4:29:58).

B-Class – 1st Jim Scott (Santino’s, 4:26:40); 2nd Ray Cattouse (Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry, 4:28:10); 3rd Isaiah Willacey (Digicell-4G, 4:29:43); 4th Kaya Cattouse (Smart, 4:36:07); 5th Edwardo Villanueva (Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry, 4:38:53).

C-Class – 1st Wayne Arnold (FT Williams, 3:50:07); 2nd Curtis Bradley (FT Williams, 4:00:20); 3rd Lawrence Craig (Truckers Posse, 4:03:59); 4th Joseph Abraham (Smart, 4:06:39).


“A” – Warren Coye (Santino’s, 6 points); “B” – Jim Scott (Santino’s, 9 pts); “C” – Wayne Arnold (FT Williams, 8 pts).

“A” – Daniel Cano (Digicell-4G, 24 points); “B” – Jim Scott (Santino’s, 22 pts); “C” – Curtis Bradley (FT Williams, 21 pts).

Anglican Diocese of Belize CRITERIUM results

Kids Under 12 (2 laps) – 1st Evander McCulloch); 2nd Chauncy Broaster; 3rd Jayden Forbes.

High School Female (2 laps) – 1st Jaimie Muschamp.

High School Mountain/Coaster Bikes (6 laps) – 1st Sheldon Lynch; 2nd Michael Bradley; 3rd Troy Rodriguez.

High School Racer Bikes (10 laps) – 1st Patrick Williams; 2nd Darien Anderson; 3rd Stephen Gabourel.

Adult Female (2 laps) – 1st Meg Payton-Jones; 2nd Sandra Arnold; 3rd Jaimie Muschamp.

Weekend Warriors Class “C” (10 laps) – 1st Santino Castillo (Santino’s); 2nd Manuel Esquiliano (Truckers Posse); 3rd Frank “Butta” Ferguson (Santino’s); 4th Steve Gill (Team Smart); 5th Francis Cassasola (Santino’s).

Weekend Warriors Class “B” (20 laps) – 1st Barney Brown (Scotiabank, Time – 55:35); 2nd Ray Cattouse (Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry, same time); 3rd Jim Scott (Santino’s, st); 4th Isaiah Willacey (Digicell-4G); 5th Albert Conorquie (Santino’s).

Weekend Warriors Class “A” (25 laps) – 1st Sean Howard (Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry, Time – 1:07:34); 2nd Kent Gabourel (Megabytes, st); 3rd Wilbert Jones (Megabytes, 1:08:00); 4th Ken Gladden (Scotiabank,st); 5th Robert Mariano (Digicell-4G).

BCA Elites and Juniors (30 laps) – 1st Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Road Addiks, Time – 1:12:25); 2nd Gregory Lovell (BTL, st); 3rd Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes, st).

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