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Western Eagles captain passed the torch to Sunrise captain

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 15, 2015–Thanks to the kind and generous sponsorship of Belikin and Smart, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015 continued over the weekend. Two very exciting games were played.

Sunrise and Western Eagles convened on the grounds at Bermudian Landing to battle for advancement to the semifinals. These two teams were tied at one game apiece. Both were in high gear and both had a game plan. Sunrise won the toss and took to bat first. At the onset, things weren’t going well for Sunrise, as wickets started falling in this order: 1 for 0 runs; 2 for 1; 3 for 14; 4 for 14; 5 for 60; 6 for 60; 7 for 73; 8 for 74; 9 for 74; 10 and last batsman for 133. These last two batsmen, captain Garret Joseph and Gilbert Seguro pushed the score from 74 to 133. I still cannot figure out how the bowlers could not have taken out these two men before they had scored so much. Then again, I must say that Sunrise’ strategy worked. In that inning, Garret Joseph and Michael Sobers scored 31 and 28, respectively for Sunrise. Conway Young took 3 wickets for Eagles.

During the short lunch break, I could hear the Eagles boys saying, “We have it covered.” Well, it looked that way when they went to bat. Wickets started falling in this order: 1 for 12 runs; 2 for 16; 3 for 53; 4 for 54; 5 for 79; 6 for 87; 7 for 92; 8 for 110; 9 for 116; and 10 for 116. That’s a heart breaking loss. Both teams fought hard, but Sunrise had the better game plan, me seh. In that inning, Conway Young and Dirk Sutherland scored 40 and 17, respectively; while Zaggi took 3 wickets for Sunrise.

My input and advice to team Western Eagles: You all have played good games throughout the season, hence the reason you all have reached the playoffs. You must now do some very good, analysis to find your weaknesses. Please stop the bickering with each other. Whenever one starts arguing with teammates, the spirit of the game is lost. Keep on trying; better luck next time. My opinion and solely mine – a captain must have the respect of the whole team, and respect will be given. One love!

The other game was between Brilliant and Wicked 11, played at Flowers Bank. The weekend before, Brilliant had defeated the Wicked 11 so, Brilliant traveled there to try and clinch a spot in the finals. Not so, says Wicked 11. We will even things. And that was what happened.

Wicked 11 took to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket had scored 183. Shelton Robinson top scored with 66 for Wicked 11. Arturo Wade took 4 wickets for Brilliant.

I heard someone saying that the score was too small for Brilliant. “The team that wants to win has to make 300+.” Well, I believe, the Wicked boys had a different opinion, for, when the time came for Brilliant to show their skills, it was too late. At the fall of the last wicket, Brilliant could only muster 91. In that inning, Landis Wade scored 16 for Brilliant, while Edison Robinson took 3 wickets for Wicked 11. That then evened the games won.

The tie breaker will be in Bermudian Landing this weekend. Also, Sunrise goes to Lemonal to face last year’s champ, Easy Does It. This game is also a best-of-three in the semifinals.
Best of luck to all teams! These will be exceptionally good games to watch. So, cricket fans, bring out your family and friends to the venue of your choice.

See you next week. Nuff respect to your fellowmen!

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