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Worthless car dealer cons man out of $24,000

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 17, 2015–Ellsworth Williams, 45, of Ground Dove Street, Jane Usher Boulevard, was conned out of $24,000 of his savings by a car dealer who took his money and disappeared.

        The thief is now living somewhere in the United States, and despite Williams’ best efforts, he cannot contact the con-artist to get back his money.

        William came to Amandala today and told us that over two years ago, he paid the car dealer, who is known to him, and who lived on Coney Drive, an initial $3,000 as a  down-payment to locate two cars for him when he (the car dealer) went to a car lot sale in Texas.

        On his arrival in Texas, the dealer called Williams and told him that he had located the two vehicles and needed money to pay for them, and “clear” them, and Williams sent $21,000 through Western Union. (  receipts were presented to Amandala)

    After receiving the money, the dealer called back and told Williams that the vehicles had been cleared and had been taken to a shipping company in Florida, to be delivered to Belize.

      Williams told us that the ship’s journey from Florida to Belize usually takes 3 to 5 days, but so far, over two years later, his vehicles have not arrived. He checked with the shipping company in Florida, he said, but they told him that no vehicles were delivered to them.

       Williams said that the purported car dealer, with whom he had dealings, stopped calling him, and has since disappeared. Williams said that the last he heard of him was that he was seeking residence in New York.

      The car dealer told Williams that he had given instructions that his vehicle that he had in Belize City was to be handed over to him, but Williams hasn’t received any vehicle, and he does not believe that the dealer, actually had a vehicle in Belize.

       Williams said that after spending $24,000, he is holding an empty bag, with nothing to show for over two years now.

       Williams has since obtained the services of an attorney to sue the conman, but first, he has to be found and several individuals are now looking for him in the U.S.

       Williams called on the thief to have some heart and return his money, or send the vehicles. He said that he had wanted a truck, which he would have converted to a dump truck to make a living.

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