Sports — 22 November 2013 — by Jerome Williams – WW Chairman

Here are the results of the race held in the Kulcha Capital, Dangriga, yesterday. Thanks to all who made the trip down, and the effort given for us to have had a great race, considering the weather over the last two weeks.

WW Dangriga race results:

A-Class – 1st Barney Brown (Scotiabank, 2:21:15); 2nd Warren Coye (Santino’s, st); 3rd Mark Gentle (BCB/FT Williams, st); 4th James Frampton (Santino’s, st); 5th Daniel Cano (M&M Engineering, st); 6th Isaiah Willacey (Digicell-4G, st); 7th Ken Gladden (Scotiabank, 2:22:10); 8th Palas Joseph (Santino’s, st); 9th Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G, 2:22:30); 10th Windell Williams (Scotiabank, st); 11th Halton Ritchie (Scotiabank); 12th Dean Belisle (BCB/FT Williams); 13th Andrew Brown (Cayo Rentals); 14th Steven Bissett (BNE); 15th Wilbert Jones (Digicell-4G).

B-Class – 1st Karl Williams (Dangriga, 1st DGA rider); 2nd Kevin Hope (Digicell-4G, 1st Weekend Warrior); 3rd Edmond Camal (Dangriga, 2nd DGA rider); 4th Joseph Young (Dangriga, 3rd DGA rider); 5th Andrew Ordonez (Digicell-4G, 2nd Weekend Warrior); 6th Jim Scott (Santino’s, 3rd Weekend Warrior); 7th Charles Slusher (Santino’s, 4th Weekend Warrior); 8th Mark Reid (Zitro, 5th Weekend Warrior); 9th (Dangriga); 10th George Lovell (Santino’s); 11th Eustace Ireland (Scotiabank); 12th Keith Flowers (Dangriga); 13th (Dangriga); 14th Peter Reyes (Dangriga); 15th Ian Abraham (Zitro).

C-Class – 1st Manuel Esquiliano (Truckers); 2nd Salvador Alvarado (Zitro); 3rd Nelson Zyden (Medina’s House of Jewelry); 4th Mabutu (Dangriga, 1st DGA rider); 5th Tesecum (Dangriga, 2nd DGA rider); 6th Louis Usher (Zitro); 7th Valentine Sosa (Truckers); 8th Sheffield Eck (Zitro); 9th Wayne Arnold (BCB/FT Williams); 10th Pastor (Dangriga, 3rd DGA rider); 11th Velasquez (Dangriga); 12th Ian Abraham (Dangriga); 13th John Levey (Dangriga); 14th Lawrence Craig (Truckers); 15th Young (Dangriga); 16th F. Mitchell (Dangriga).

The next race will be the British High Commission Race on Sunday, November 24, Bmp – Cayo. Details will be forwarded at a later date.

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