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Yaya, one-woman army, battles for Genaro Che’s family

HICKATEE CREEK, Toledo, Thurs. June 2, 2016–Genaro Che, a soldier of the Belize Defence Force, was slain almost eighteen years ago by alleged Guatemalan military men in Belizean territory. However, to date his family has not received any compensation from the Government of Belize.

Today, KREMANDALA radio and TV personality, Carolyn “YaYa” Marin Coleman, led a heartfelt one-woman protest on the grounds where Che took his final breath before being fatally shot several times.

Her protests, she told Amandala, will continue the second day of every month from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. until Che’s family is adequately compensated.

“The point of the protest is to bring pressure on this administration to compensate this family and to compensate them handsomely,” said Yaya.

Her protest is aimed at Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who in 1998 served as Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs but did not compensate the Che family in the aftermath of the tragedy, before the administration for which he served was replaced by a PUP administration, which also was guilty of not compensating the family.

Yaya believes that, like the memories of Danny Conorquie, so too must we keep the memory of Genaro Che alive and honored.

“Just like how we talk about brother, Philip Goldson and George Price, his name should now be one of the Belizean heroes. Something big needs to be named after him as well as Danny Connorquie, even if it is just a wall of our fallen heroes. We must never, never, forget these brothers, because they inspire us; fi dey spirits still deh,” added Yaya.

Those wishing to join her scheduled protest in July can contact her at 671-8050.

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