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From New York City, Wellington Ramos

LettersFrom New York City, Wellington Ramos

Dear Editor,

The Gang Suppression Unit (G.S.U.) was implemented by the Government of Belize just like how the Police Special Force (P.S.F.) was implemented by the PUP back in the 1960’s to break up the U.B.A.D. movement.

If the members of the People’s United Party feel that there is no need for it, all they have to do is go to the next sitting of the House of Representatives and sponsor legislation to discontinue it. Former Prime Minister Said Musa is a lawyer and an experienced politician and he knows what to do to get things done if he wants to do it. Going to political rallies and giving nice speeches is not the way to get the G.S.U. dismantled.

I was a police officer and Inspector Mark Flowers has to defend his unit to let the Belize people be given some reassurance that they will do whatever is necessary to crack down on crime in our country. If the People’s United Party dismantles the G.S.U. they better have something else to replace it due to the current crime rate in Belize. Otherwise, they will suffer the wrath of the Belizean people in the next election.

Wellington C. Ramos

(Ed. NOTE: The letter writer’s views are his own.)

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