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Thank you, Romel Cuello

Dear Editor,

Pre-diabetes is a prevailing condition in Belize, where the majority of persons suffering it are not even aware of its existence, thus leading to full-fledged diabetes. Much like other silent killer diseases we do not know we have it until the damage is evident.

Our diet of very nice “rice and beans with potato salad”, or “burger with fries”, and a cold soft drink are culprits that exacerbate this problem. The problem is not only sugar but also carbohydrates.

I would suggest to the majority of Belizeans to check their blood glucose levels two hours after eating the meal mentioned previously to see what is their reading. This should not cost more than two or three dollars at your favorite pharmacy or maybe the local Diabetes Association should launch a campaign with a little help from the Social Security people whose interest should be the health of the working force.

Checking your fasting blood glucose levels early in the morning is not enough; you have to check what effect the food you consume does to your body. If it is bad, rearrange your diet. Pre-diabetes leading to diabetes can be averted with a proper diet.

The three most important things for your health are diet, rest and exercise. Each one as important as the other.

That reminds me of another problem in our country. When I told my diabetic friend to change his rice and beans or corn tortilla to a vegetable diet, he complained he could not afford it because vegetables are too expensive. I think vegetables would be more affordable if more farmers were working together and planting as cooperatives and GOB helping to encourage or sponsor mechanized methods.

If we do not take care of our people’s health, it will cost us a lot more to take care of their disease.


Romel Cuello

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