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19-year-old stabbed to death in San Pedro

SAN PEDRO, Ambergris Caye, Thurs. Mar. 14, 2019– The body of a 19-year-old man was found last night in San Pedro at around 11 o’clock, making this the second murder for the island for 2019.

Police say that they were alerted to a murder on Blake Street, and when they arrived, they found the body of Horace Cadle, Jr., with stab wounds in the right side of the chest and the left side of the neck. Cadle was dressed in a grey T-shirt and red and grey knee-length pants.

As part of the investigation, police spoke to several persons, one of whom was the person who called police. That person said that they were on their way home when they passed Blake Street and saw the body on the street.

Cadle, who lived on Marina Drive, which is about a quarter mile from where his body was found, was seen socializing in the DFC area, which is about the same distance from the murder scene as his residence is, earlier in the night. He was reportedly walking alone on Blake Street when he was murdered.

According to The San Pedro Sun, Cadle was known to frequently walk on Blake Street, either alone or with friends. They also reported that shortly after Cadle was seen walking, someone also observed three Hispanic men walking on the same street minutes before police were called to the area.

Police are not sure if one person or a group of individuals committed the murder. They have several people detained, whom they are questioning.

Cadle was known to police, but he had no arrest record, just encounters with police.

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