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8 medals for Belize at 2019 Yucatan Open Table Tennis Tournament – Circuit of Merida

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Aug. 19, 2019– Report of the results of the 5th Edition of the Circuit State of Merida – Yucatan OPEN 2019.

The event was held from 16 – 18 August 2019, with the participation of athletes from Yucatan, along with some other Mexican clubs, and Belize.


The following categories were played in the tournament:  U11, U13, U15, U21, 1ST CATEGORY, – 900, – 1700, DOUBLES, MIXED DOUBLES.

The final results were as follows:

U15 Category:  1st- Devesh Hukmani BELIZE; 2nd -Taye Parkinson BELIZE; 3rd – Raúl Tapia YUC; 3rd – Dennis Lara YUC.

U21 Category:  1st – Bady Fierros YUC; 2nd – Diego Retoño YUC; 3rd – Sebastián Kano YUC; 3rd – Amiri Hoare BELIZE.

-900 Points Category:  1st – Devesh Hukmani BELIZE; 2nd – Manuel Noz YUC; 3rd – Taye Parkinson BELIZE; 3rd – Marcos Zepeda YUC.

-1700 Points Category:  1st – Diego Retoño YUC; 2nd – Devesh Hukmani BELIZE; 3rd – Manuel Noz YUC; 3rd – Raúl Tapia YUC.


Doubles Category:  1st – Taye Párkinson/ Devesh Hukmani BELIZE; 2nd – Raúl Tapia/Emiliano Villavicencio YUC; 3rd – Mihir Karnani/ Amiri Hoare BELIZE; 3rd – Denis Lara/ Bady Fierros YUC.

Belize had an excellent performance, returning with 8 medals – 3 GOLD, 2 SILVER, 3 BRONZE.

Thank You to all the players, parents and coaches for making this event possible.

“The development continues.  !!!!”

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