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A big stretch and a wild conflation

If you want your friends in this world to keep on liking you, always turn a blind eye when they fumble the ball. If you want people outside of your stable to like you too, buck them only when it cannot be avoided. The story there is, you try to get along. Woe to you if you prefer truth, which means you adore God, because then you can’t let misinformation lie.

Interrupting the script briefly, I want to clear the way by eliminating a bit of territory we must have covered before. There are truths which should remain where they are. Personal matters are big in that category, and that’s because, as EJ Hill used to remind us, not everyone can handle it. In that instance it is oftentimes criminal to force truth out from wherever it is hiding.

Now, getting nearer to the consequential business, we all come up short, we all have blind spots, we all have holes in our heads – some of us have some mada big ones – so it should be no shame to accept when one of our truths flames out like a star that’s run out of gas. I say, screw our little egos in the right place, meaning, be humble. What we must not want is for our pride to get in the way and allow little incompletely baked things to get life. When that happens, it is very terrible for all.

Tomorrow you can tell me if I am the one on the short side; today I tell you that whoever said the person who loves drugs (weed) loves gangs, is on a wild stretch, and the person who said people are in contradiction who say a woman has a right to an abortion because it is her body and then say the anti-vaxxers are wrong to stand against the jab with the justification that it is their body, is guilty of the wildest conflation.

We could say that people who love bananas love farmers and people who love fish love fisher folk and people who love movies love actors/actresses. Indeed, the progression there does seem natural. But let’s not dally there; why waste time on the pilinki when we can go after bigger prey? If you love meat, do you love the knife that sticks the steer? If you love television and cellphones, do you love from whence the technology came, the Military Complex that drops bombs on innocent children, women, and men and calls them collateral?

Weed is a commodity that the white supremacist regime has declared illegal. They’ve got the power to do that. Oh they’ve got the might, alright. If the tropical countries that produce cacao and coffee came together and quadrupled the price of their products, effectively pricing it out of the reach of the dominant regimes, yes, so only we around the equator can enjoy a morning coffee and chocolates, their response would be to come and get it, by any means necessary. They would make a war and there’d be chaos multiplied in our little world.

Once upon a time there were no gangs in the alcohol business. People loved their alcohol, and they didn’t love gangs, because there weren’t any. Then the white supremacists made it illegal, and gangland exploded. People still loved alcohol, and they had to accept gangs, because without them they couldn’t get their necessary booze. Then the white supremacists said alcohol is no longer illegal, and the gangs, they disappeared.

People who love weed don’t love gangs. The people who love gangs are the ones who made weed illegal. If weed was legal, gangs wouldn’t exist. God loves people. He made this wonderful earth just so His people could enjoy it. You think God would have made us if He didn’t love us? It is the Creator who loves. Pray, who created the gangs?

Oh boy, this next assault on truth, I bet you’ve never seen a greater conflation. What a woman does with her body does not directly affect the rest of us. I can choose to be upset about abortion, and I will advise a woman to think long before she goes there, but that’s between her and her God. The father of the child might have a little say, but his contribution was only in a bedroom. That long nine months, that’s all hers.

No matter how hard you try, if a woman commits an abortion, no man will “catch it.” We guys, in that we are observers. But if that first man or woman in Wuhan or wherever who caught the virus had isolated, football season would be kicking in Belize right now. With all the money the UDP had stored up with their krukid bunch, they might have won the election.

Braa, Covid-19 is a virus, a communicable disease; what I do affects my neighbor, in Camalote, in Belize, in the world. Abortion is not a communicable disease. It is a decision between a woman and her God. The arguments are completely separate.

Get away with tasteless garlic

I won’t bore you with the details about the importance of garlic in my life for a few decades now, how I eat it every day and I think it’s great in my stomach and it is wonderful in the fight against respiratory diseases, the worst of which was the irritating runny or stuffy nose before the new coronavirus came along. I usually have garlic capsules, and I buy the smelly one, not just because it’s cheaper than the one without smell; I love the smelly garlic, because when you belch you feel like you’ve just eaten a nice piece of pork meat.

The garlic cloves being sold in Belize right now do nothing for the olfactory senses. They have next to no smell, and they are dry. One of the popular Compre girls from my time there, Del Marie Fuller (now Longsworth), some time back dropped a note my way to inform me about a disgusting fraud going on with garlic. I chose to close my eyes because some things it’s better not to know, but when the place where I buy garlic pills was out of the smelly oil, and I had to depend on getting it in my fried egg, and was getting no satisfaction, I couldn’t avoid finding out the truth anymore.

If you’re a garlicker and you can’t handle pain, counsel is to cut out now, it’s that bad. The story is that our garlic is coming from China, and they use raw sewer water to fertilize it, and to kill all the evil things that can be found in body waste our garlic goes through a soaking and a bleaching in chlorine. Say agh on two counts! It’s bad what they’re growing it in, and worse is that it doesn’t have any taste. And there might be WORST: this garlic weh noh smell strong like pikayri might not even have all the virtues God blessed it with.

Mia up, Mia down

I was elated when I heard Ms. Mia had referenced Bob Marley AND Peter Tosh when she addressed the United Nations General Assembly, but in the sound byte I heard the praise was all for Marley. It was the media that put in the mighty Tosh. The song Mia referenced was co-written by Marley and Tosh, and sung by both, but she gave the more world-popular singer, Marley, all the credits.

Bah, in this world the singer gets all the credit. Indeed, the only person on earth who recognizes the writers and the musicians is JC Arzu. I know, I should give Mia a pass, but there was the letdown. Hn, I yer Little England is flexing with becoming a Republic… Ouch, space constraints again. This we will have to continue.

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