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St. Catherine Academy at 140

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Year in Review Part 2 – 2022

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A Story of Miguel’s Life (Part 3)

FeaturesA Story of Miguel’s Life (Part 3)

No one realized that Miguel had lived a double life. He was not the architect of his life, but was dictated by nature. When he was 12 years old, he was enrolled in high school. His parents gave him money for his expenses, even to take a taxi home, but he liked to walk with his classmates. One day, when he had left classes and was walking on the sidewalk, a late-model vehicle had stopped next to him. He looked at the car and noticed that the front tire on the right side was punctured. A very beautiful lady in her early 30s got out of the car and headed towards the flat tire. Miguel’s eyes caught a glimpse of her perfectly shaped body from head to toe. His eyes twinkled with desire as he gazed on her glowing tan skin. He tried to control that surge of emotions and hormones in his body as the wind swept her black curly hair from side to side. She looked like a model. He approached her saying, “Miss, can I help you?”

She looked at him with an angelic smile and, seeing that special sparkle in his gaze, her beautiful brown eyes swept him from head to toe and said, “Can you?”

“Sure. Open the trunk so I can get the spare tire and the tools to change it,” he said. She proceeded to open the trunk. He took out the spare tire and the tools to make the change. He did what he had to do, and after a few minutes he put the flat tire and the tools in the trunk. At that, she reached into her purse and took out money to give him, but he said, “No. I didn’t do it for money. I did it to help you.”

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“My name is Miguel. And yours?”

“My name is Susan.”

“Nice to meet you, Susan.”

“Same. Where are you headed, Miguel?”

“I’m going to the beach called Duquesa.”

“Come, let’s go. I’ll give you a ride.”

They got into the car, whereby she started the engine and they left. At that Miguel told her, “Don’t you think it’s better to go to a tire shop to have your tire fixed? It’s safer.”

She replied, “You’re right. I’m going to do that.”

She diverted to the tire shop, where they fixed the tire. As soon as the tire was ready, she continued on their way to the location to which Miguel told her he was going. Upon arrival, she asked him, “You live here?”

“No. I come here every day to walk on the beach to enjoy the sunset,” he said.

“How interesting,” she replied. He asked her, “Have you ever done it?”

“No, I haven’t had time. My job doesn’t allow me,” she said.

“And right now, are you very busy?”


“Then come with me. Let’s walk and we can enjoy the sunset.”


The two locked the car and began to walk on the beach. As they walked, she commented, “Look, I haven’t had lunch. Would you like to join me for lunch at one of these restaurants?”

There were several restaurants on the beach. She chose one, and they entered. A waiter greeted them as they walked in. He accompanied them to a table near the beach per their request. The waiter gave them a menu, from which they both ordered a ceviche. As they ate, the minutes passed, and they could see the setting sun reflecting on the crystal clear water. They enjoyed the mesmerizing view as they finished eating in silence. After paying for the food, Susan told Miguel,

“Where are you headed now?”

“I’m going home. And you, where do you live?”

“I don’t live very far from here.”

“Oh, you must have a beautiful house, right?”

“Would you like to go?”

“Yes, of course, I would like to know where you live.”

They both got into the car and headed to her house. When they arrived they got out of the car; Susan opened the front door and they got in. He told her, “You have a very beautiful house and a very soft sofa set.”

“You like it?”


He headed for the long sofa, took off his shoes and lay down. She told him,

“Do you like to lie down on the sofa?”

“I like it, but something is missing.”

“What is that?”

“That you also lie here next to me.”

“You want me to lie there?”

“Yes, why not?”

She looked at the insistence in his eyes and lay down next to him. He turned around, gazing at Susan’s face; however, she was looking up at the ceiling, pretending as if she didn’t realize that he was watching her. He couldn’t resist her any more, so he yielded to his desires. He reached out and gave her a light kiss. She didn’t respond, because she wanted to see how far he would go. He kissed her again. This time he caressed her small oval face, memorizing her jaw line with every touch. With the tip of his thumb, he parted her lips, and he kissed her once more. This time, she gave in to his urges and his every move. Oh, how that felt so good! A game started between the two and ended as you can imagine. They stayed on the sofa for a long time, and so that the flames of love didn’t die, he kept caressing her. Finally, she told him,

“I have to go to work. I have a business. Do you want me to take you home?”

“Good. Sounds good.”

They got up, went to the car and she started the engine. As she exited the parking lot, she asked,

“Tell me, where do you live?”

“I live on 45th Street with 60th Street. It’s a corner.”

He directed her until they arrived at his destination. He told her,

“You can leave me here.”

“You live here?”

“No. I live a little up ahead, but I don’t know if my parents are home or not.”

“All right.”

They kissed again and said goodbye. He got out of the car and he started walking towards his house. She didn’t move to see which house he was going to enter. She saw him stop at one of the houses; he turned around, looked at her, saw that she was still there in the automobile, and he went into his house. She started the engine, headed to see which of the houses Miguel went into, and from there she left and went to her business. The next day, when he came out of classes, again, he saw the car parked there. He walked towards her,

“Hello, Susan, how are you?”

“I’m okay, Miguel. I came for you.”

“Well, thanks.”

He got in the car; they headed again to the beach called Duquesa. They got out and did the same as the day before: they walked on the beach, they went into one of the restaurants while they watched the sunset, and then they headed back to Susana’s house. That’s where a relationship between the two began. Susana liked little boys—which is not strange, for just as there are men who like little girls, there are also women who like little boys. After the romance, she took Miguel home to the same corner where she had left him before. This time, she took some money out of her purse and gave it to him. He looked at her and said,


“It’s for you to buy what you want. You’re going to college, and I know you need a lot of things. Don’t feel bad. Take it. You’re going to need it.”

Miguel took the money and thanked her. They kissed and he went home. He took an envelope, put the money in it, and put it in a vest that he had in the wardrobe, and that’s how that relationship began. Every day, she gave him money, and he kept it. In order to see each other on the weekends, he had told her to pick him up in Central Park, and she did so. So they saw each other every day. One day out of many, she had to go to her business and she told Miguel,

“I have to go to my business. I have unfinished affairs there. Will you come with me?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Do you have time?”

“Yes, I do.”

She went to her business. Upon arrival, the security guard opened the gate, and she drove the car and parked it in the parking lot. She said, “Come with me. I’m going to my office.”

They got out of the car. He accompanied her. They got in and she told him,

“Take a seat wherever you want, while I go to my office to sign some documents.”

“Okay, fine,” he said.

Miguel looked around and saw the beauty of the place. There was a dining room, a pool, dance floor, a lobby, and a bar. He said to himself,

“This looks like a hotel.”

He saw some pretty young ladies in their late teens, early 20s, sitting in the lobby, conversing, but he didn’t think that anything was out of place. He thought it was a hotel like any other. After a while, Susan came out of her office and said,

“Let’s go, Miguel.”

They went to the car, got in, left the place, and she left Miguel, as usual, on the street near his house. Time passed, about 6-8 months, and he began to change; his attitude was no longer the same. It was obvious, since he was a growing child and his way of being was changing. However, she did not like that change. He became jealous, and she didn’t like that either. At that moment, it hadn’t occurred to Susan how to separate from Miguel, for it was already causing her a bit of disgust. Obviously, she wasn’t in love with him, but he was; he liked her a lot, she was the kind of woman he admired. So, one day she told him again to accompany her to her business, which he did. They went up, he took a seat and she entered her office, and at that point the bar phone rang. The bartender answered, and from there, he called one of the girls named Candy and told her, “The call is for you.” She went, picked up the phone and said,


It was Susan on the other end of the line, and she told her,

“Candy, I need you to do me a favor.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“I want you to take off my back the young man you see there. His name is Miguel. See how you do it.”

“Sure, it would be a pleasure. I’ll take care of it.”

Candy approached Miguel and said, “Hi, how are you?”

“Well, and you?”

“Fine. What’s your name?”

“Miguel. And yours?”

“Candy. Don’t you feel lonely here?”

“No. I’m waiting for Susan.”

“Oh, while you wait, I invite you to do so in the lobby. Come, let’s go?”

“Okay, fine.”

He got up and went along with her. They sat on one of the lobby chairs, and she began to flirt with him. She was very pretty, like in her early 20s, and Miguel was weak around beautiful women. She continued with her flirtation, and put her hands on Miguel’s knee. He trembled like a leaf, turned red like a tomato. She noticed and said,

“Miguel, come with me.”

He got up as if he were hypnotized. He couldn’t resist such temptation and followed her to her room. There, they began a love game. Miguel had not realized how much time had passed. They left the room and went back to the lobby, but Susan was no longer there. She had already left. The bartender called Miguel. He approached him and said, “Yes, tell me?”

“The boss just left and she told me to give you this envelope.”

“Oh, thanks,” Miguel told him.

He walked off, opened the envelope, and saw that there was money inside and a note. He took out the note and read,

“Miguel, you have been unfaithful to me, and for that reason I believe our relationship should end.”

Miguel felt heartbroken, but at the same time, he realized that he was wrong. He walked out of the establishment, took a taxi and went home.

(To Be Continued)
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January 10, 2023
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