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A thousand is good, but the franchise is better

I hate to interfere with anyone’s windfall, because I don’t like to cut in on people’s winnings and I don’t like for people to hate me —no, Sir, I don’t —but sometimes things have to be said. Mr. Lee Mark Chang deserves praise for stepping up and contributing so handsomely to the feeding program of Brother Dara and his wife, Sister Melonie. I understand that Brother Chang is not in need of anything material, so he can afford to not get mad with me if my say helps to put a little dent in his cash flow.

I read about Mr. Chang’s generosity in the Guardian. The story said that Mr. Chang pledged “a thousand dollars a month to the program for the duration of the school year,” because “he saw it necessary to create awareness for the feeding program for other businesses to follow suit.” The story said that Chang would look for others to put some dough into the program.

Mr. Lee Mark Chang is a standard bearer for the UDP in general elections scheduled for this year. Pause. Look how Brother Darrell got one chance at it and then got dumped? But some people will say Darrell deserved to get drap after truth came out about that absolutely devious contract he gave to one of his buddies at City Hall. They said Ms. Zenaida wasn’t the best UDP, and for sure she was very fresh to the PM, but Lady Z didn’t leave any sour spillover fat contracts behind when she left office.

Yes, Brother Chang is after what Darrell failed to get, but that doesn’t mean that the thousand was all mercenary. The story about is that some of these Chinese are mighty rich and maybe it’s just generosity.

Some of these Chinese Belizeans are fat with cash, absolutely rolling in it. Some years ago we were awestruck by the size of the shops they were building. Well, hold on to your eyes if you take a ride on three-round-about drive when going to Belmopan. Some of the buildings they are putting up on the side there make their early structures look like huts.

If the government collected all of the profits from the Boledo, I’d be a buyer, and I would have gotten a bite out of that 2020 jackpot at year end because that’s the kind of number for dull persons who don’t possess the wisdom to get ahold of a King Tut Dream Book. I would buy if I knew when I lost it would end up in food for needy children or for some other worthy program.

I yer that the Boledo contract is up for renewal, and that no one, not even the company in control at this time, has put in a bid to take it over. Some people would say it is impossible that the company that presently holds the contract didn’t make anything off it, but I don’t have in my hand the hayr off the haas tail on Boledo, so I will allow that the company didn’t make a lot of profits, or if it did, it didn’t make enough to pay for the haad feelings a lot of Belizeans have about the farming out of the franchise and all that happened since.

It is accepted that the Boledo was not being properly managed when the GoB had it. Stories abound about sellers cheating the system. The company that got the Boledo contract put in an electronic system that gave it great control over the money.

I haven’t explored all the Boledo angles here, don’t feel I need to, but there’s a point I think we cannot gloss over, and that is that it is likely there won’t be any bidders other than the company that controls it at this time. They could forward their bid under a front.

The government will have to take back the Boledo. If some of the sellers balk for a while, the government has the resources to keep the game going. With proper marketing, and if the people know that the game is properly managed and the profits go to a worthy cause, new buyers will increase the pie.

Look, we have the talent to run this Boledo so that it yields to its maximum potential. Belize’s senior public servants can run this show.

A sneaky bill

The young man whom Mr. Caleb and his crowd chose to lead their agenda, we can’t bash him for his arguments because man does not have the capacity to make truth. This equal rights bill makes all of us feel like opposition members going to House and Senate meetings. They never get the information in time. This bill, it is unfair to run this by the people in a couple of weeks. How many copies of this bill have they printed and distributed to the public?

The story that is intended to carry this bill is protection of citizens who have HIV or AIDS. The young man whom they put out there to carry the show said that the disease is no longer a death sentence, that science has made it possible for people with the virus (full-blown AIDS too?) to live up into their 80s and 90s. However, it is a disease that people fear because science hasn’t advanced past dependency on medication for the rest of one’s life.
Science has overcome a lot of contagious diseases over the years. HIV is a contagious disease, and that means that you avoid catching it if you stay away from certain types of behavior. I am aware that almost no one wants to fight a boxer who has HIV, and that in many places a boxer who has HIV can’t get a license. But no one is afraid to play basketball with someone who has HIV now.

Tuberculosis was a death sentence some years ago. The WHO says 25% of the world population has latent tuberculosis, and the disease is no longer the end of the world for someone who catches it. However, health workers have to take a tuberculosis test. If someone has a persistent, heavy cough, people will keep their distance.

I’m not aware that our government had to pass a law to get us to respect the rights of persons who had tuberculosis. We don’t need a law to get us to understand HIV/AIDS better or to treat infected people better: what we need is more education. Put aside your sneak job and educate us.

Where gay is concerned, we’ve only just accepted that two men should be allowed to find happiness in a closet without any worry that a police officer will break their door down and take them to jail.

Daam, gay men are fighting to give closet sex equal status to legitimate bedroom. We know that something good can come out of bedroom. Hmm, we gave these brothers an inch, not because we approve of their mischief, but because we love them, and now dehn an dehn allies di luk fu ton tar eena wi shirt.

There are traitors in our midst. The lawyers smell loot if this bill goes through. Braa, we must pray, pray hard because if the philistines have their way with this bill, the lawyers will litigate the blank out of us. The doctors, especially the surgeons, are drooling too, because their services will be in high demand, to stick on plastic breasts, cut off front ends, and bore holes. Some clergy are chomping at the bit too. Most Belizeans are too poor to get married, but gay guys have the big bucks and they’ll be willing, eager to pay to rent the church, just to hurt our feelings.

Ah, and then there is the tourism. Minister Heredia must have ten ships lined up in anticipation of this sneaky bill going through.

Very disappointed in PLB

You can’t run a league with seven clubs. Immediately after it was evident that one football team was dropping out of the league, the PLB should have adopted/drafted an 8th club, any club, and sponsored it for the season. Maybe it’s not too late. Before the week is out the PLB should have a team, and the BDF, who rested last week, and Bandits, who rested this week, should meet the PLB team in back matches.

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