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About “Fireworks, ‘danimite’ and pistols …” article

LettersAbout “Fireworks, ‘danimite’ and pistols …” article


Sun. Jan. 7, 2024

Good day, 

I am writing this email as a reply or support of the article published by Mr. Colin Hyde, in which he is mentioning about the use of “fireworks” and dynamite here in Belize, which is becoming more frequent in the past two years. 

I am a Salvadoran born. I have been living here in Belize for over 20 years, and I strongly believe that the Belizean authorities MUST put a stop to this malpractice. As a legal immigrant, this peculiar annoying noise of cohetes and the disgusting smell of gunpowder, bring just bad memories. 

There is nothing to enjoy with this fireworks business. I am married to a Belizean gentleman now, and he has been telling me since when this practice has become a part of this culture. 

What I can testify with this practice in El Salvador, is that there were so many accidents in the factories, parks, and surrounding communities where these facilities are located, where many times these cohetes just catch fire either for the cohetes rubbing each other due to transportation or handling, and caused so many injuries, amputations, eye blindness, and many more tragedies, mainly in kids!!!

I recall (was telling my husband) that, the community I grew up in, people go wild every December; and one of the “silvadores” (whistles but the dangerous form) got inside our bedrooms and landed on the bed mattress, so the sheets began to light up! and our little house was about to catch fire. Thank God we were home and that didn’t happen! 

Besides that, many children end up in the hospital for acute respiratory problems aka ASTHMA, and I was one of those children.  

I think I can write pages and pages of these tragedies, until I can go no more; but I believe that as media houses, we should as well bring this to the respective authorities; and we as citizens should pressure the authorities to put an end to this malpractice once and for all.  

There is no fun in this practice. It is annoying, and also, coming from a very conflictive country (El Salvador), I find this to be A CRIMINAL ACT! 



Bilha Marquina Williams

(AMANDALA Ed. Note: Colin Hyde’s article “Fireworks, danimite, and pistols/semi-automatic rifles” appeared on page 11 of Amandala for Friday, January 5, 2024. The “cohetes” refers to the rocket type fireworks that are powered by gunpowder.)

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