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Home General Abused girlfriend shoots her boyfriend in the groin

Abused girlfriend shoots her boyfriend in the groin

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Dec. 6, 2018– A woman involved in an allegedly abusive relationship took matters into her own hands when she fired shots at her boyfriend, injuring him in his groin. Tanice Mejia, 32, is now in police custody while her boyfriend, Bartholomew “Bart” Lucas, 32, is recovering in the hospital.

The incident occurred yesterday, December 5, sometime after 9 a.m. during an argument between the couple at their home, which is the lower flat of a two-storey cement house at #42 corner Mahogany and Vernon Streets. The argument ended with Mejia allegedly firing three shots at Lucas, reportedly with a gun that belongs to Lucas. Lucas was only injured once, however.

After the shooting, witnesses say that they saw Mejia fleeing the scene, hopping into a “dalla van” to make her getaway. Lucas then reportedly went into the backyard to hide the gun, before limping onto Vernon Street, where he was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by a police patrol.

Police on the scene combed through the area and while they found 3 expended 9mm shells, they could not locate the gun. Mejia reportedly turned herself into police some time later, and is currently in their custody.

Their neighbor said that Mejia, who is a mother of a teenage daughter, was a longtime victim of domestic abuse, alleging that Lucas, who is a known Majestic Alley street figure, would beat her constantly. This neighbor also said that they would be the one who would call police to intervene whenever she heard Lucas hitting Mejia.

Today, police confirmed that there have been numerous domestic violence reports that they have responded to. When asked if there is a case for self-defense on the part of Mejia, Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino said that statements have been taken from both Mejia and Lucas and they have been submitted to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for further advice on how to proceed.

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