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Accused gunman arraigned for Dwayne Gabourel murder

GeneralAccused gunman arraigned for Dwayne Gabourel murder

BELIZE CITY, Fri. Oct. 22, 2021 –Today, Dayne Gillett, accused of being the gunman who fatally wounded 15-year-old Dwayne Gabourel as the 3rd-form student was making a purchase for his mother at a Belize City grocery store, was finally arraigned in the Magistrate Court and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 21, 2021.

Upon his detention, he had been given a COVID-19 test, which yielded a positive result, and he was thus isolated in the prison until today, when he was read his charges by Magistrate Khiana Gordon shortly before noon.

The proceeding was done virtually, while the victim sat in his prison cell alone, masked, and in an orange jumpsuit.

Gillett has insisted, since his arrest, that he is being wrongly accused of this murder, and his family says that he has an alibi.

The shooting of young Dwayne Gabourel, who was not in any way gang-affiliated, was reportedly the result of intense gang rivalry in Belize City, which has become so intense that a person could be targeted due to the neighborhood in which they live or the color of their clothing. Gabourel was a bright and promising student of SJC who had dreams of attending an American university and playing basketball in the NBA.

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