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Home Headline Adamir Choc, 19, found decomposing

Adamir Choc, 19, found decomposing

BELMOPAN, Mon. Sept. 16, 2019– On Saturday, September 7, 19-year-old Adamir Choc went to E&L’s Sports Bar in Belmopan, along with some friends. Surveillance video footage from the club reportedly shows Choc getting into a vehicle and that was the last time she was seen alive.

Reportedly, Choc’s friends had gotten into an altercation with another woman and they did not tell her that they were leaving the club. Video footage from the club showed Choc looking around as if she was trying to locate the three friends with whom she went to the club.

It was almost 3:00 a.m. when she attempted, after frantically searching outside the club, to force her way back inside the club, but was turned back by security guards who were in the process of closing.

She was later seen getting into a vehicle.

Last Saturday, September 14, Choc’s nude, decomposing body was found about twenty-five feet down the Never Delay Road, in some bushes.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett told the media today at a police press briefing, “Belmopan police were called to an area off the George Price Highway, on a feeder road known as Never Delay Road, where some five hundred yards off the main road, the decomposed body of a Hispanic female, later identified as Adamir Choc, was found in an advanced state of decomposition.”

Myvett explained that an official report was made to the police two days after Choc had gone missing.

He said that her body had since been removed and a post-mortem exam had been conducted.

Myvett said police are still following several leads.

“An autopsy was conducted yesterday, but based on the advanced state of decomposition, the cause of death was inconclusive,” Myvett told the media.

Myvett was asked if there was any evidence which suggested that Choc had been raped.

 “I am not going to go into any details about how she was found, other than to say that she was found in an advanced state of decomposition,” he said.

 Myvett would not confirm if Choc was seen getting into a vehicle, except to say that the police have viewed several surveillance videos.

Myvett was also asked if the friends with whom Choc had gone out the night she went missing were questioned by police.

“They were brought in and questioned,” Myvett replied.

“I felt scared when she went missing. I just wanted her back home,” said Elvira Choc, 34, Adamir Choc’s mother.

 Elvira Choc told us today that she was on her bed breast-feeding her baby when one of her sisters-in-law came in and asked her if she wanted to go to the place where the body reportedly was found.

“They didn’t tell me what it was, so I told them, yes, I want to go”, she said.

“So we went and when I reached the place, I saw my father-in-law and my brother in tears. I asked them if it was her, but they only shook their heads. I started to feel terrible, because you know, as the days go by, you start to get weak,” Choc said.

“When I reached there, I felt like everything for me was finished,” Choc admitted.

We asked Choc to describe for us what kind of person her daughter was.

“Well, to me, my daughter was a good child. She was a very respectful person, but you know, if there is something that she doesn’t like, she will fight for it,” Choc said.

“We buried her yesterday, because they wouldn’t allow us to bring the body home, because it was already in a state of decomposition,” Choc said.

Choc said that her daughter’s friends have stopped speaking to her since they were interviewed by the police.

“The police were only doing their jobs, but they must have felt that I sent the police after them,” said Choc.

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