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Ahmadiyya Basketball League Belize Week 3 results

SportsAhmadiyya Basketball League Belize Week 3 results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 11, 2019– Here are yesterday’s scores and highlights from sixteen Week 3 games in the Ahmadiyya Basketball League (ABL) Belize 2019 tournament, being played at the SJC gym.

U-15 results

Game 1 – ABC A over D Good Samaritans, 45-38. Jefferson Gonzalez 14 pts for ABC; Kirk Banner 13 pts for D Good Samaritans. Game 2 – Belama Gators over Future Shock, 54-51.  Harlem Noralez 18 pts for Belama Gators; Kyle Castillo 18pts for Future Shock. Game 3 – ABC A over City Vipers, 33-19. Jefferson Gonzalez 15pts for ABC; Kaydion Pelayo 11pts for City Vipers. Game 4 – Northside Defenders over Maya Man Warriors, 54-32.  Kaden Bradley 15 pts for Northside Defenders; Jakeim Gallego 15 pts for Maya Man. Game 5 – Los Lagos Lakers over ABS Hard Rock, 27-26.  Marquis Ortiz 11 pts for Los Lagos; Louise Matthews and Tyler Bood 10 pts each for Hard Rock.

U-19 results

Game 1 – Tropic Air Defenders over Orange Court Generals, 39-27. Jarvis Usher 8 pts for Tropic Air Defenders; Shane Graham 9 pts for Orange Court. Game 2 – Rock Stone Flames over Punta Gorda, 25-21. Matildo Gordon 11 pts for Rockstone; Tyrelle Garbutt 9 pts for PG. Game 3 – Third World Ballers over Dream Team, 38-26. Jayden Humes & Lindsey Young 11 pts each for Third World; Jahred Phillips & Everal Neal 4 pts each for Dream Team. Game 4 – Punta Gorda over King’s Park Raiders, 39–33. Roneil Coleman 12 pts for PG; Alexander Ariola 13 pts for King’s Park. Game 5 – Northside Ballers over Orange Walk Hoop Dreams, 53-35.  Jonathon Decosta 9 pts for Northside Ballers; Glenn Bermudez 15 pts for OW Ballers.

U-23 results

Game 1 – Hopkins Invaders over Westland, 51-45. Nayib Casimiro 26 pts 4 rbs 4 assts for Hopkins Invaders; Kiedel Lino 15 pts 8 rbs 3 assts for Westland. Game 2 – Griga Warriors over Jr. Lend Ballers, 60-38. Raheem Thurton 27 pts 16 rbs for Griga Warriors; Keiron Salazar 14 pts 3 blks for Jr. Lend Ballers. Game 3 – Orange Court over 501 Falcons. (?) Holdane Swazo 10 pts for Orange Court; Antwan Palacio 13 pts 7 rbs 3 stls for 501 Falcons. Game 4 – Griga Warriors over Double Head Cabbage Mad Dawgs, 63–28. Raheem Thurton 26 pts 7 rbs 7 assts for Griga Warriors; Windford Brown 10 pts 6 rbs for DHC Mad Dawgs. Game 5 – Milpa Boys over Tiger Sharks Jr., 53-46. Kyle Young 11 pts 6 rbs for Milpa; Francis Arana 18 pts 4 rbs for Tiger Sharks. Game 6 – Gorilla Cuttz over Furyans, 59-55. Glency Lopez 20 pts 4 rbs 3 assts for Gorilla Cuttz; James Saunders 27 pts 3 assts for Furyans.

ABL mourns loss of Dwayne Cummings

Ahmadiyya Basketball League joins the rest of the Basketball Community in mourning the loss of our dear brother and friend, Dwayne Cummings. He was an active participant in our league since its inception in 2014, and has represented ABL in several international tournaments. We started each U-23 game with a moment of silence showing respect to our fallen brother.

Condolences to his family and many friends.  Rest easy, Dwayne.

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