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Alberto Ara, 42, remanded on bestiality charge

ONTARIO, Cayo District, Mon. Aug. 12, 2019– Alberto Ara, 42, of Ontario, who was wanted for bestiality after he was found having sex with a 3-month old piglet on the night of July 1, was arrested on Friday in the Belmopan area after being on the run for over a month.

Ara had escaped out of the pig pen when he was discovered by his father and went on the run.

Ara was taken to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today and was arraigned on the charge of engaging in sex against the order of nature. He was remanded until Monday, August 19.

According to a report, he will try to get his father to drop the charges against him.

Miguel Ara, an 81-year-old farmer who raises pigs on his farm in Ontario, told police that he saw his son lurking around the pig pen on Monday night, July 1, but did not think anything about it. The farmer said he was awakened at about 4:30 the following morning, Tuesday, by a noise coming from the pen, and he took his flashlight and went to see what was happening.

Miguel Ara said that when he got to the pen, he saw his son, who was shirtless, having sex with a pig. He said he shouted at his son, who ran away. The farmer said that when he checked the piglet, it was bleeding from the vagina.

This is the third report that the farmer has made about his son committing an unnatural crime; the last two were made in June.

The father said that his son had been in jail and after he was released in 2010, he has been exhibiting this unfortunate behavior. He said that for some time he had been getting complaints that his son had been raping dogs in the village.

Miguel Ara said that he and other family members sat down with his son and counseled him to not commit these gross acts, but that he still does so. The farmer told police that he wants action against his son because what he did to the pig is not right, and that he did not want his son raping animals.

In January 2006, Albert Ara, 29 at the time, was arraigned on six counts of murder and one count of arson for the deaths of Elias Mayen Ayala, 28; Ayala’s common-law-wife, Maria Suchite, 23; and the couple’s four children: Ingrid Yanira, 7; Alex, 6; Marco Antonio, 4; and Victor, 2.

According to the head of the police team that investigated the crime scene, it is one he will never forget— the way how the children died: they were burnt to death while they slept; there was the stench of burnt flesh and the scene with six people dead was horrific.
Police said that Ara and Mayen Ayala were drinking at Mayen Ayala’s house, and they got drunk and an argument ensued, which led to the incident. Reports are that Ara shot Maria Suchite with a spear gun, then he chopped Mayen Ayala in the head. Mayen Ayala’s house then caught fire, and his family was trapped inside.

The lead investigator said that during a caution statement, Ara not only placed himself at the crime scene, but also said he was sorry for what had happened. He was remanded for trial at the Supreme Court in 2010, but the caution statement was ruled inadmissible since Ara said that he gave the statement under duress, and the case fell apart.

Ara was released after being on remand for 4 years, in 2010.

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