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Alcohol numbs one’s intellect

February 5, 2007
Dear Sir,
Whenever I have an opportunity to listen to the news, on several occasions I hear about programmes set up in the health services for HIV/AIDS, hypertension, diabetes, etc.
But I have never heard about alcoholism. According to scientific research they say that alcoholism is a sickness and it needs to be treated as such. Recently someone wanted to bring up the issue about alcoholism on a radio station. Unfortunately for us, the less academic educated ones, we get the impression that only those that can “control” the alcoholism drinking should drink. 
An alcoholic never, never admits that he/she is such. The first words an alcoholic will say are as follows: “I am not an alcoholic.” “I drink only on occasions.” “I can stop drinking whenever I want.” “I only take a drink before or after meals.” And they will go on and on giving excuses to defend their lovely illness until they reach bottom.
Many of them stay at the bottom. Alcoholism is a very dangerous illness that anyone can catch regardless of social status. And the worst part of it is that who suffers the consequences are the families. 
According to experts in the matter, they say that an alcoholic is not only those that we see lying drunk on the sidewalk. An alcoholic can be a person that only drinks alcoholic beverages on Christmas. He/she waits patiently for such day to come. The behaviour of such person all through the year is admirable, an example to follow. But on that special day, such person who gives adoration to his/her god Bacchus, is capable to do any of the most horrendous things.
Do you want examples and proof? Look around yourselves. Remember if you point your finger at someone, look at the rest of your fingers. The shape will go right back to you.
Alcohol is always a threat to a family life. It never unites wife and husband and it always obstructs the upbringing of the children. Alcohol is a drug where the human body is a laboratory. According to those that know, they say that the majority of persons are dangerously ignorant to the way the human brain works. We grow with many wrong interpretations and we are wrongly guided by many other permanently incorrect conceptions. 
Considering our ignorance, it is surprising that we are not in a more profound problem than what we are in today. When we alter our way of thinking and our actions because of alcohol, the situation turns tragic. Alcohol numbs one’s intellect.
(Signed)    Clinton Uh Luna
                Finca Solana
                Corozal Town
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